Im gonna make this as short as I can. I keep on seeing "people". I am not sure how to describe it but they are somewhat deformed, dark (very dark) and have humman traits. It started about an year ago and it just got worse recently. They sometimes only appear for a split second so I tought that was normal, but some times they just remain there even when i look at them and dissappear shortly after. Even when i close my eyes most of the time i see them. I can be in a middle of a nice conversation and (not by closing my eyes) see pictures that are quite.. horrific. (at that time i can t see anything around me and it s just dark with that image in my head for a few seconds ) And most of the time I can t define them form the reality at that moment. At first i tought it was funny so i even gave them names, but now it won t pass 20 minutes without me seeing them. I think i might be paranoic or something? It s really disturbing i can t even take a shower peacefully anymore nor sleep. I always have the tought that something might appear for real, or hurt me. Can someone give me advice? #creepy #urgent #Paranoia