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Im gonna make this as short as I can. I keep on seeing "people". I am not sure how to describe it but they are somewhat deformed, dark (very dark) and have humman traits. It started about an year ago and it just got worse recently. They sometimes only appear for a split second so I tought that was normal, but some times they just remain there even when i look at them and dissappear shortly after. Even when i close my eyes most of the time i see them. I can be in a middle of a nice conversation and (not by closing my eyes) see pictures that are quite.. horrific. (at that time i can t see anything around me and it s just dark with that image in my head for a few seconds ) And most of the time I can t define them form the reality at that moment. At first i tought it was funny so i even gave them names, but now it won t pass 20 minutes without me seeing them. I think i might be paranoic or something? It s really disturbing i can t even take a shower peacefully anymore nor sleep. I always have the tought that something might appear for real, or hurt me. Can someone give me advice? #creepy #urgent #Paranoia


I am about to disable DMs

Seriously, guys! The Mighty is NOT a pickup site! If one more person brings my physical attributes into an inbox conversation, I'm disabling my inbox and, if there is no option for this, I will just never open my inbox again!

Seriously! There are some of us with unprocessed sexual and/or relationship trauma and your comments about our physical attractiveness is super triggering!!!

#creepy #catfisher #SexualAbuseSurvivors #Relationshipabuse


Can't get control --- Restless But everything bores me.#Anxiety #Addiction #findselfcontrol #CerebralPalsy

Note : I have been a total shut in for 25 months , SINCE covid was announced--- DO NOT LIKE MASKES OR VACCINES!! #creepy #scary #notforme

So lately I've been feeling restless, HAVING VIOLENT FANTASIES!

I've been listening to mantras, Binaural , Isochronic tone vides on you tube TRYING to easy anxiety and aggression.

Trying to stop impulses to shop/ donate & pull out my hair still: I STOP A WHILE than pick it up again.

trying to motivate myself to stop smoking- RECENTLY went days smoke-free. Then April 4th I started up again! put it down a few days between then and today.... Trying to cut out sugar---- so my roommate makes cake, jello, cheese cake for Easter. AND GETS ME AN Easter basket full of skittles, m&ms reese's carrots/2 reese's rabbits, mini candy bars. pixie stix and a six pack of cotton candy---That I now feel overwhelmed buy but obliged to eat!

I'm finding myself NOT WANTING TO HEAR/SEE TV. Not wanting to smoke. I get on and off the computer constantly trying to combat restlessness, irritability, habit cravings. WRITE IT OUT RELEASE! But this too is becoming something - SOMETHING of anxious addictive habit I should stop doing.. Bored of all I know how to do. Not really able to many physical chore activities with my CP.

What help you stay sane & motivated to change?


Trolls and stalkers

Please do not direct message me whether you’re a man or a woman and you’re just looking to have a random conversation that will perhaps lead to something inappropriate. I’m a married woman and I find it highly inappropriate to have three different men what I call trolls or stockers for lack of better words, contacting me every day asking me random things about myself. I take this platform very seriously and feel very lucky to be able to talk to wonderful people like yourselves and share things with. #Trolls #Stalkers #inappropriate #creepy


Has anyone suffered with formication? Feeling like worms under your skin? #creepy crawlies

I went for a routine pap, 2 days afterward I'm getting sensations of worms under my skin in my private area. I do have a rather large varicose vein(on the top of my uterus) that is almost blocking my vaginal vestibule, and I have a very tilted uterus . I've ordered a parasite cleanse, not that I'm having any signs of parasites. I think it would just put my mind to ease to know that it wasn't parasites.