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    Mania and Paranoia

    Does anyone else with Bipolar Disorder experience this? What can I do?



    Thinking about the new year coming 2023 does this make you nervous?

    I don't know what to expect makes me a bit paranoid.#BPD #ubpd #Bpdways #MentalIllness #Paranoia

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    Im gonna make this as short as I can. I keep on seeing "people". I am not sure how to describe it but they are somewhat deformed, dark (very dark) and have humman traits. It started about an year ago and it just got worse recently. They sometimes only appear for a split second so I tought that was normal, but some times they just remain there even when i look at them and dissappear shortly after. Even when i close my eyes most of the time i see them. I can be in a middle of a nice conversation and (not by closing my eyes) see pictures that are quite.. horrific. (at that time i can t see anything around me and it s just dark with that image in my head for a few seconds ) And most of the time I can t define them form the reality at that moment. At first i tought it was funny so i even gave them names, but now it won t pass 20 minutes without me seeing them. I think i might be paranoic or something? It s really disturbing i can t even take a shower peacefully anymore nor sleep. I always have the tought that something might appear for real, or hurt me. Can someone give me advice? #creepy #urgent #Paranoia


    || first post here! ||

    Hi! Cecilia, I'm new to the group 😊

    I struggle with nightmares and several awakes during the night, also usually having a hard time falling asleep (and falling asleep again).
    It's been some years I've been struggling with severe thirst (some sort of dehydration, but the causes are still unknown) which worsen the nightmares and makes it more difficult for me to sleep for a decent amount of time and/or sleep it well.

    There's also my last post on my profile explaing parts of this: didn't want to copy it and paste it ~

    To anyone willing to talk and share, I'm here!

    #SleepDeprivation #Insomnia #poorsleep #badconcentration #Nightmares #dreams #Sleep #thirst #Fear #Paranoia #Awake

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    Nightmares and sleep deprivation

    When I was a child, I've always had troubles falling asleep. Because my mind was fully awake, when very young, but then mostly because of stuff I was deadly afraid of. When I managed to, I had very vivid nightmares and used to wake up a lot during the night, having troubles falling asleep again.

    Each time I got in bed, I started trying not to fall asleep, because bad things would have occured if I wasn't there awake and aware, in order to acknowledge anything that was happening in the house.

    I now fall asleep more easily, but I remember having only one nice dream; each night I have at least one nightmare, usually up to many more.

    The nightmares are generally about threats or issues I should escape safe from or disturbing stuff in general. They're very long and articulated, implying plots and including a lot of details.

    When I wake up, if my attention isn't suddenly drawn to something else, the dreams usually follow me during the day and it takes a big part of it for them and their effects to vanish away.

    If there's anyone interested in sharing some thoughts about this, I'd be happy to.

    It can be very stressful and I haven't slept well in ages. I'd like to find a key to understand this or simply tips to try and see if they could help me.

    Anyone who can relate?

    #Nightmares #SleepDeprivation #Sleep #sleeppattern #sleepissue #Insomnia #Paranoia #threats #dreams #fallingasleep #thirst #Stress #overthinking #worstcasescenarios #Fear #sleepdisorder #OCD #Anxiety #Obsession #Death #obsessivethoughts

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    Mental illness + Buying A Car

    Example) Mam can you please repeat what you said I couldn't hear you clearly. (Seller of the car repeats) Miss can you tell me what that means, I'm just not getting the point of what you're saying. So not cutting you off but you're saying that warranty comes with the car already included in the monthly note.

    Car Seller Says: no, I never said that maybe I should call my manager in to help you to understand this better, because I'm not able to succeed)

    Ok that will be great because I want to understand what I'm signing up for

    (Car Seller - mam the car has already been approved you just have one last paper to sign)

    Miss, I prefer to speak to your manager to understand this last part more clearly. Thanks. #OCD #Paranoia #Autism #BPD #Bipolar

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    Survival Skills

    Select all that apply
    76 days left
    Hitchhike A ride a nearby town
    Keep riding on the flat tire until it will not work anymore
    Scream For Help Outside the car!
    Lock The Doors & Sleep in The Car till Morning
    Put the Hazzard lights on
    Walk in the direct you came from
    Walk in the direction you're going to
    Turn off the cellphone to reserve battery life
    Raise the hood and the trunk / with Hazzard lights own
    Play jazz / classical music on the radio and sleep
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    So bored…

    I need to vent, otherwise my brain is gonna explode. Everything is fine-ish at my new job however, my area isn’t that big and I don’t have anywhere near enough to keep my busy. I’m literally moving so slow to try and get time to move but it doesn’t. I’ve gone to my coworkers and asked for suggestions on how to half less free time and they don’t really have an answer. This sucks. I really wanna make this new job work but this downtime is killing me.

    I’m currently hiding in a class room writing this, because of course they have cameras everywhere which only makes my paranoid and ibs bad so naturally that means I’m also using the bathroom a lot too.

    I’m so anxious…

    Anyway thanks for reading here’s a picture of my cat as a thank you.
    #Anxiety #anxious #ChronicDepression #Depression #Newjob #Paranoia


    Today I figured out what was controlling my life

    Today it was confirmed I had paranoia all my life. After 20 years of living in agony of the unknown demon, misery of the pain, going mad every now and then, god gave me my closure today. #BPD #Paranoia

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    Easily Startled/Emotional Reactivity

    I know that they are both symptoms of #PTSD but they seem to be getting in the way recently. It's little things that startle me not to mention lesser known things like people being upset with me. When triggered I tend to react strongly (and sometimes hurt someone in the process). In DBT therapy I am learning to regulate my emotions but I feel like that goes out the window when I'm triggered. I was diagnosed with #PTSD in 2019 and I take meds for the nightmares but I don't think that does much for being easily startled and reacting strongly. Does anyone else struggle like this?

    #Trauma #PTSD #Abuse #AbuseSurvivors

    *Not to mention the paranoia that comes on sometimes if I'm really anxious. That just makes things worse. #Anxiety #Paranoia