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Do people love others the same way neurodivergent people do? And is there actually unconditional friendship and love or is it a tv lie?

I have BPD and ADHD. So basically I think different from most people so I don’t totally know or understand how they feel or what’s normal and what’s not.
So is there actually unconditional friendship and unconditional love? Or is it just sth in movies that I’ve believed?? As I always expect a bit of it or have high hopes that this time someone might actually understand and love, like actually love me, (when I love someone, I do it extremely, like I totally fall in love and care alooot) so is it just me and a belief have due to tv or is it true??
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Paranoia #ADHD

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Paranoia for me is living in fear every day wondering if today’s going to be the day my mother is going to snap and kill me. They say if looks could kill… her eyes are always throwing daggers.

#Paranoia #NarcissisticAbuse #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Depression #Anxiety #HighlysensitivePerson


Afraid of The Dark #CPTSD #MDD #Anxiety #Paranoia #Depression

I have the hardest time letting my dogs out at night! I'm always scared someone is going to come up behind me, and really hurt me! It's just awful! I use a flashlight and in certain areas lights go off outside.
When the pups are finished and we get to the door, once in the house I'm scared to turn around at the door, I'm always feeling he's going to be standing right there and will grab me before I manage to get the door shut!! I hate this paranoia! Awhile ago, even during the day I didn't feel right being outside with the dogs, but I'm past that and able to go outside, get into my car and go somewhere! I just started to drive again after 3 years of refusing to drive because I hurt my little car. It got fixed but I was too nervous! I'm very comfortable during the day now ! Has anyone else experienced the feeling someone else is around that is going to hurt you? How did you handle it?

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Loneliness and paranoia

How does everyone combat the deafening loneliness? It feels like this dark abyss I have to actively try to push away. The second I let my brain relax or stop focusing on actively distracting myself, things start breaking down.

Also, what type of paranoid thoughts do you have and what age/time did you see these starting to begin?

#lonely #Bipolar2 #Paranoia #MentalHealth #helpme

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I Hate Pill-Poppin’ Tuesdays

Every Tuesday night, I have to organize my medicine for the next week. I have over 20 different prescription and over-the-counter medicines, as well as supplements I take. Nearly half are prescribed.

On Tuesday night and every time I pop a handful of pills, I am reminded of my illness. If it isn’t the actual Rx, it is the medicine to counteract the side effects.

When I go out to eat, I always feel self-conscious that others are seeing all the pills I am taking. My paranoia kicks in and I wonder what they are thinking about me.

I remember a friend of mine from high school and college. She had a medicine organizer just like the one I have now. I don’t think she ever revealed why she was on so much medicine. That just amazed me when I was a teenager. I felt bad for her.

I would be so embarrassed if any of my friends knew the amount of medicine I take every day. When Tuesday night comes around or when I look at those pills I take at each meal and when I go to bed, I want to throw them all away. It is just another reminder that I am unwell.

In the end, I am thankful to those men and women who created those pills that keep me stable and healthy. I see them as the hands and feet of Jesus in my life. But for them, I would not be here today.

#mentalhealthmatters #Medicine #Bipolar #Depression #Anxiety #Paranoia #Jesus #god #Faith

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Im gonna make this as short as I can. I keep on seeing "people". I am not sure how to describe it but they are somewhat deformed, dark (very dark) and have humman traits. It started about an year ago and it just got worse recently. They sometimes only appear for a split second so I tought that was normal, but some times they just remain there even when i look at them and dissappear shortly after. Even when i close my eyes most of the time i see them. I can be in a middle of a nice conversation and (not by closing my eyes) see pictures that are quite.. horrific. (at that time i can t see anything around me and it s just dark with that image in my head for a few seconds ) And most of the time I can t define them form the reality at that moment. At first i tought it was funny so i even gave them names, but now it won t pass 20 minutes without me seeing them. I think i might be paranoic or something? It s really disturbing i can t even take a shower peacefully anymore nor sleep. I always have the tought that something might appear for real, or hurt me. Can someone give me advice? #creepy #urgent #Paranoia


|| first post here! ||

Hi! Cecilia, I'm new to the group 😊

I struggle with nightmares and several awakes during the night, also usually having a hard time falling asleep (and falling asleep again).
It's been some years I've been struggling with severe thirst (some sort of dehydration, but the causes are still unknown) which worsen the nightmares and makes it more difficult for me to sleep for a decent amount of time and/or sleep it well.

There's also my last post on my profile explaing parts of this: didn't want to copy it and paste it ~

To anyone willing to talk and share, I'm here!

#SleepDeprivation #Insomnia #poorsleep #badconcentration #Nightmares #dreams #Sleep #thirst #Fear #Paranoia #Awake

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Nightmares and sleep deprivation

When I was a child, I've always had troubles falling asleep. Because my mind was fully awake, when very young, but then mostly because of stuff I was deadly afraid of. When I managed to, I had very vivid nightmares and used to wake up a lot during the night, having troubles falling asleep again.

Each time I got in bed, I started trying not to fall asleep, because bad things would have occured if I wasn't there awake and aware, in order to acknowledge anything that was happening in the house.

I now fall asleep more easily, but I remember having only one nice dream; each night I have at least one nightmare, usually up to many more.

The nightmares are generally about threats or issues I should escape safe from or disturbing stuff in general. They're very long and articulated, implying plots and including a lot of details.

When I wake up, if my attention isn't suddenly drawn to something else, the dreams usually follow me during the day and it takes a big part of it for them and their effects to vanish away.

If there's anyone interested in sharing some thoughts about this, I'd be happy to.

It can be very stressful and I haven't slept well in ages. I'd like to find a key to understand this or simply tips to try and see if they could help me.

Anyone who can relate?

#Nightmares #SleepDeprivation #Sleep #sleeppattern #sleepissue #Insomnia #Paranoia #threats #dreams #fallingasleep #thirst #Stress #overthinking #worstcasescenarios #Fear #sleepdisorder #OCD #Anxiety #Obsession #Death #obsessivethoughts

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