Would anyone notice

If tonight I disappeared?

Would anyone chase me

And say the words that I need to hear?

That I'm no burden

Not so worthless

Bent so much that I just might break


So confusing

The questions that keep me awake

Would anyone care, would anyone cry

If I finally stepped off of this ledge tonight?

Would anything change, would you all be just fine?
Cause I need a reason to not throw the fight

It just might save my life

Would anyone want me

If they knew what was inside my head?

Would anyone see me for the person that I really am?

I won't lie it’s So hard to hide

I've never felt worthy of love

I would give up everything I have
Just to feel good enough

If you're dying inside & Sick of being alive

Let me in, let me share in your pain

From my lungs through the dark
#losinghope #WantToBeHeard #WantToFeelWanted #HurtingSoBad #depressed #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD