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    Depressed but always well dressed

    I’m Zoe
    I suffer from depression anxiety and ptsd. I guess I’m here because I’m alone on this journey in discovering who iam while I finally own my mental illnesses. I’ve spent over a decade self medicating and pretending that no one ever knew I was suffering. Now I’m in therapy and I’m sober but I don’t know who iam without pretending. I love decorating and fashion that’s my cover up yet deep down I feel so worthless and ashamed of who iam wishing I could be normal. I have a 10Yr old who is closer to his dad and I guess he should be given the fact that I’ve struggled most of his life. Idk I most days wonder if I wasn’t here would it spare him the pain to have to call someone like me his mom. I hate crowds, I hate fun because it’s triggering for me. I only like to hide away! It’s like I’m suffocating and fading away at the same time! I’m that women who looks so well put together but inside she’s in her own hell!!! It’s like I’m waiting for some miraculous change and suddenly I’ll be ok and feel joy again! When I’m in pain I have no one to call I just have to suffer in silence! #Broken #depressed #insecurities #whoami

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    Achalasia Still Stinks

    #Achalasia still stinks but I continue to battle. I will say it is better since surgery and the past six years have really challenged me but after my endoscopy yesterday there was conversation about another surgery to “tighten things up”.

    I remind myself that I am strong but what is the most depressing is when I look in the mirror. I am a skeleton of what I used to be. I lost so much muscle mass and weight I am just a shell of the soldier I’m once was. I don’t like mirrors but they are a necessary evil in life.

    I dare not tell them I am #depressed as their words at times seem hollow when consoling me. I am thankful iPod the love from my wife and family but #Achalasia stinks

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    My journey of 3 years and still no end

    A post on the pain of #Scoliosis reminded me of my 3 year journey of non-#Diagnosis where it seems scolosis has played a part.
    Now I am quite #Disabled with many different items, but I'm just focusing in on May 2019 and its aftermath.
    An aftermath that is not yet completed.
    In May 2019, amidst the height of covid, I was taken to A&E with what turned out to be a #pulmonary #embolism , causing my right heart ventricle to be swollen and my lungs damaged.
    On blood thinners I joined the pulmonary #Hypertension and the lung clinics. Investigations of various complexity and risk ensued and the thinner is now for life as they could find no reason why I throw blood clots.
    Lung function tests showed I had little breath and wheezed and panted and coughed.
    But no reason could be found.
    After 2 years my heart and lungs seem to have stabilised. No further inflammation or increase in damage. But still I have no breath.
    At this point a consultant mentioned how low my #Oxygen levels were when I was flat in a scan and suggested I go to a sleep clinic to see if I have sleep #apnea .
    I was duly sent for test 1. When considering the results, the doctor mentioned that my scoliosis was no doubt impacting my ability to breath.
    I thought how interesting, especially as it seemed to be on the move, judging how tight and painful my muscles were and how my shoulder dipped even further.
    Just fyi, adult scoliosis has no treatment. No steel corset. No operation. Just bear with it. And see an osteopath or sports masseur.
    But still, my oxygen levels overnight are too low.
    And now I am back at the lung clinic. To see if I have asthma. I am given increasing levels of a drug for over an hour to stress my airways and bring on asthma. Mine it seems is very mild. This is not the answer.
    I have #Hypoxia but how is it caused?
    No answer is yet forthcoming. 3 years on and still more clinics and yet more tests.
    I admit to being frustrated and #depressed as my GP rightly says,by my health or lack of it. I wake up in the night again and again. My muscles cramp. I can't get comfortable. And get up in the morning slowly with no energy for the day. And no oxygen in my blood it seems!

    Community Voices


    Community Voices

    Why does it feel so weird to feel lonely when I am happily married with 2 kids. What is wrong with me that I feel this way. I can't even give reasons as to why I am so #depressed sometimes. My mind is my worst enemy.

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    My wedding is in 3 weeks and my best friend who is in my wedding party has been hospitalized with a live threatening infection, and most likely won’t be there. I know it’s just a wedding day and his health is more important, but still it hurts. It’s already been a hard year for me. It all feels to much my heart is breaking and I’m trying to process it all so I’m not depressed on my big day. I feel alone. #Anxiety #depressed #summertimesadness

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    Housing issues #Housing #homelessness

    I have a roof over my head but not a home. I just got a voucher so I’d have my rent paid for 12 months. But finding a landlord willing to take it is going to be rough, even though I’m a good tenant just poor. I always paid my rent, no eviction or anything I managed to send 3 emails today to landlords and got one immediate rejection-no vouchers. I must do better but I don’t know how. I still don’t have a therapist as the one I was assigned keeps canceling. I’m looking at major surgery in the next few months. I’m in mental and physical pain every day. I’ve been juggling all this for 6 months now and I’m very very tired. #depressed

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    How does this #check works?

    Hello, I am new and trying to work out how this Mighty communities work :) What is this my life is quite lonely because of a number of health problems, so weird that i can't even mention them to most people, so even when I feel up to going out (which is not often) I can't share anything personal. My #MentalHealth 'hasn't been that great lately, and I am afraid I am getting an actual #Depression ou have a ton of health problems that might take away your life you can't get #depressed , you just can't. So I am here :) can you please recommend me any nice groups here for a chat or sharing experiences? thanks

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    How to fully heal?

    Hi. I began my healing journey from sexual abuse as a child two years ago. I still don’t feel well but I feel better about it. I feel stuck and I want to just not think about it and not feel like this sink hole and depression weighing on me. How do I make it to the finish line and heal fully? #Healing #depressed

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