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Today I am 56.. happy day of birth. In 2015 , my life took a nose dive. I do not understand. Perhaps someone can relate? Maybe another person has been down this road?
• my mother, father, 2 bros along with their wives cut me out of communication. I actually found an email about me that was malicious.
•went thru a divorce- 2 years later.. custody battle - 5 years of life with a lawsuit in my head.
•My 3 grown children are lavished with all they wish... by their dad, my mother, father, and I’m never included in holiday or special occasions.
• haven’t heard my sons voice in 9 months
•My Husband ( almost 15 years) lost his job-totaled my car ..we have no medical .
-• I have been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder.
• my first husband had an addiction to women and money.
-.•Husband now is recovering from accident in April, he is kind, and faithful... yet he used a credit card AFTER the balance was transferred.
We had 15 months -at 0%...
We paid it off. He spent $ in April ,May, and June, totaled 18,000 in 3 months.
. • I cannot believe how far I have fallen.
Today.. Aug 5... is my Birthday.
I know Christ, I love God ...
Still .. I sit on a chair with my cat .. and I can’t get up.
• my husband now ... he’s asleep ... he sleeps 12 hours at a time.
• I do not know or understand
Why what or where things are going .
I pray. I cry. Today’s my birthday??

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