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    × " How Many Of Us Really Feel Like An Outcast... ? " ×#Topic #Feeling 's

    × " I Have Felt Like This My Entire Life I Have Felt Like I Don't Belong Anywhere In This World.. I Have Alway's Felt Like People Hate Me... For Some Reason... I Have Alway's Have Been A Loner.. I Don't Like Asking For Help Or Thing's Because Thier's Alway's Something In It For The Other Person... This Is Why I Perfer To Do Thing's On My Own.. Yes I Get It... It's OK To Ask For Help But When It Come's To People That I Know And Don't Trust.. Then I Don't Ask For Help... I Have Been Taken Advantage Of My Kindness So Many Time's... That I Don't Trust Anyone Anymore... These Day's.. I'm Just Counting The Day's For Me To Just Go To Sleep And Never Wake Up Again... I'm So Tired Of People Not Understanding Why I Chose To Live My Life... By Not Spending Every Penny That I Earn... To Go Broke... I Have Lost Everything Before And Was House Hopping In My Past Life...But Now That I Make Money Everything That I Spend My Earned $$$ On Is Seen As Your Not Supposed To Purchase That... You Need To Cook More Blah Blah B. S.... I Wish That These Toxic People Would Just Stay Out Of My Life For Good... I Could Choose The Easy Way Out And Just Go To Sleep And Never Wake Up Again... But I Can't Why??? Idk... Why I'm Still Here... I'm Emotionless... And Just Tired Of Not Being Able To Feel Happy... I'm Just A Ball Of Anxiety...Ptsd...Depression...Social Anxiety Disorder Etc...I Bare Soo Many Scar's In My Heart That It... Has Become... Another Job For Me To Fake Being Happy For The Sake Of Other's... To Not Judge Me... And Criticize Me For My Life Choice's. I Just Did 2 Thing's My Entire Life I Wanted A Family Of My Own For A Short Time... Now They Are Both Gone... I Have No Family... I Stand A Lone Wolf... Trying To Survive And Make Something Out Of The Time That I Have Left... The Stress Is Slowly Killing Me... And My Depression And Anxiety Are Not Helping Me.. " × #WhyCantPeopleBeKindAndUnderstanding ... ☆☆▪︎ S. K. ▪︎ ☆☆

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