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    × " How Many Of You Have People Who Love To Micro-Manage And Constantly Are Negative To You ? " × #Topic

    × " So As All Of You Know About My Divorce And Family Drama... It's Like I Left And Came Back Into The Loin's Den All Over Again... Idk Why All Of My Sibling's Can't Fucking Understand To Leave Me Alone.. And To STOP Treating Me Like A Child.. They Are Not Really Helping BTW I Have Been Doing Thing's On My Own.. I'm The One Who Got Myself A Job... And I'm Thinking Of Going To Some Type Of Bartending School.. I Guess They Must Be Miserable This Much... That They Have To Ruin Thing's For Other's. I Work A Weekly Paid Full Time Job... In The Restaurant Industry. And I Do Alot.. They Think That I Just Do The Register No Not At All.. I'm Sorry I Don't Sit On My Butt And Stare At A Computer Playing Video Game's. I Work Outside Of The Home... And Get Back And Go Into My Room That's All I Do. I Rarely Go Anywhere. Because Everything Is Expensive. I Go From Here To My Job Nothing More.. And I Can't Sit For A Few Day's. I'm Sorry I'm A Workaholic. But On My Earned Day's Off I Don't Need To Do Anything Else. Why Would I Tire Myself Or Hurt Myself More.. I Can't Work Another Job.. I Have Plenty With This One. The Mentality Of My Family Is Alway's Work Yourself To Death... And Stay Miserable. L.M.F.A.O No Thanx! " × #Topic ☆ S.K. ☆


    × " A Trap Test... To See Who Will Eat A Share Size Bag Of M&Ms " × #lookingforathief

    × " So I Bought A Share-Size Caramel M&Ms... I Payed Only $4 ... I'm Going To Leave Them On The Kitchen Table At Night.. And See Who Eat's Them.. Since People Do Not Respect My $ Or Food That I Purchased... I Don't Work Hard To Support Other's Now That I'm On My Own.. Test Time. 🤣😈 " × #Topic ☆☆☆☆☆ S.K. ☆☆☆☆☆


    × " TRUST Issue's And Forming Realtionship's " × #Topic #Trust Issue's

    × " Now I'm Starting To Get Hit On By Men... And It's OK I Guess... What I'm Trying To Explain Is.. That When Men Especially Younger Men.. Come Up To Chat With Me Etc.. My Feeling's Go Into Shut-Down... And My Ptsd Start's Forming A Wall To Protect My Heart And Emotion's... And Plus My Red Flag Bell's Go Off... To Stay Away... I'm Like Legit Scared To Date Again... Because I Have Been Out Of It For 17 Year's... So Idk What It's Like To Have An Actaul Boyfriend... And I'm Terrified That I Will Not Be Good At It Anymore... Because People Nowaday's Are So Picky And Superficial About Look's Etc... I Don't Have Long Hair... Or Colored Eyes... I'am Simply Me.. All Natural Not Fake... I'm Shy And Quite... I Keep To Myself... Until I Feel Very Comfortable In Getting To Knowing Someone Which Might Take Awhile For Me... I Don't Like The Idea Of Realtionship Hopping... Or Sleeping With Someone On The 1st Night... I Know Buzz Kill... I Would Also Just Love For Someone To Just Be Fully Honest Within Themselve's... But This Journey Will Be Hard For Me To Begin.... " × #Topic #Trust Issue's ☆▪︎☆☆ S. K. ☆☆▪︎☆


    × " What Type's Of Qualitie's & Trait's... Do You Look For In People " × #Topic

    × " What I Find In People Who... Are Kind... Funny.. Caring.. Having A Sense Of Humor... Has Thier Life In Order.. And Smart... " × And Alot Of Other Thing's That Would Match Me... " Sooo What Type's Of Personalitie's Do You Look For In... People ? " × #Topic ☆ S. K. ☆


    × " Who's Your Favorite Marvel ☆ DC Superhero's Or Villian's " × #Topic #ThinkingGame

    × " My 1st Love Is A Villian Obviously " Bucky Barnes " Aka " The Winter Soldier " And My 2nd Villian Ms. Harley Quinn... My Hero's Are Black Widow... And DEADPOOL.. And Before I Forget ... The Boy's " BILLY THE BUTCHER " × " SOLDIER BOY "... Sooo Who Are Your Favorite's " × #Topic #ThinkingGame ☆☆S.K.☆☆


    × " What Are Your Best Qualitie's... That You Have That Nobody See's Within You " × #Topic #Curious

    × " My Best Qualitie's Are Willingness.. To Help Other's In Need... To Be Kind And Nice... I Love So Hard... That I Really Wear My Pure Big Heart On My Bleeding .... Sleeve's... And Try To Channel All The Hurt And Pain Away In Piece's By Doing Good Thing's " ×▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎ #Topic #Curious


    × " How Many Of Us Really Feel Like An Outcast... ? " ×#Topic #Feeling 's

    × " I Have Felt Like This My Entire Life I Have Felt Like I Don't Belong Anywhere In This World.. I Have Alway's Felt Like People Hate Me... For Some Reason... I Have Alway's Have Been A Loner.. I Don't Like Asking For Help Or Thing's Because Thier's Alway's Something In It For The Other Person... This Is Why I Perfer To Do Thing's On My Own.. Yes I Get It... It's OK To Ask For Help But When It Come's To People That I Know And Don't Trust.. Then I Don't Ask For Help... I Have Been Taken Advantage Of My Kindness So Many Time's... That I Don't Trust Anyone Anymore... These Day's.. I'm Just Counting The Day's For Me To Just Go To Sleep And Never Wake Up Again... I'm So Tired Of People Not Understanding Why I Chose To Live My Life... By Not Spending Every Penny That I Earn... To Go Broke... I Have Lost Everything Before And Was House Hopping In My Past Life...But Now That I Make Money Everything That I Spend My Earned $$$ On Is Seen As Your Not Supposed To Purchase That... You Need To Cook More Blah Blah B. S.... I Wish That These Toxic People Would Just Stay Out Of My Life For Good... I Could Choose The Easy Way Out And Just Go To Sleep And Never Wake Up Again... But I Can't Why??? Idk... Why I'm Still Here... I'm Emotionless... And Just Tired Of Not Being Able To Feel Happy... I'm Just A Ball Of Anxiety...Ptsd...Depression...Social Anxiety Disorder Etc...I Bare Soo Many Scar's In My Heart That It... Has Become... Another Job For Me To Fake Being Happy For The Sake Of Other's... To Not Judge Me... And Criticize Me For My Life Choice's. I Just Did 2 Thing's My Entire Life I Wanted A Family Of My Own For A Short Time... Now They Are Both Gone... I Have No Family... I Stand A Lone Wolf... Trying To Survive And Make Something Out Of The Time That I Have Left... The Stress Is Slowly Killing Me... And My Depression And Anxiety Are Not Helping Me.. " × #WhyCantPeopleBeKindAndUnderstanding ... ☆☆▪︎ S. K. ▪︎ ☆☆


    × " How Should One Love Themselve's 1st... " × #Topic

    × " The Way's That I Try To Love Myself And My Mind.... My Body... And Soul Within.. Is By Doing Thing's For Myself... I Try To Not Look At Myself As A Weak Person With Alot Of Chronic Pain... And Physical Issue's... But It's Not Easy To Love This Broken Body... That Doesn't Let Me Enjoy Life... Very Much.. I Used To Hate Everything About Myself Because Of My Deformitie's And Noticable Limp... And Back.. Now That I'm Getting Older... I Feel Less And Except What I Have Been Delt With.. Life Is Short.. I Sometime's Feel Unwanted...Ugly...Undesirable At Time's...When I'm In Full Blown Pain...It Litterly Cloud's My Judgment. My Chronic Back Pain... Is Unbareable. Painkiller's Are No Help. My INSOMNIA Is Worse Than Ever Now.. I Feel Like A Ticking Time Bomb. And My Mental State Is On Overdrive. " × #Topic Sincerly , ☆ S. K. ☆


    × " What's So Messed Up About This Job Is The Amount Of Stress " ×#Topic

    × " I Have Updated My Resume An Hour Ago... I Now Have Experienced Two Painful And Very Stressful Job's That Are Full-Time. 🙃. I Don't Work To Please Other's I Work To Earn A Living. I Have Tried To Make Meaningful Friendship's. But I Walked Into A Shitshow Of A Drama Filled So Called Family. Who Cut You Down If Your Not Up To Thier Stupid Standard's. I Don't Know Why People Act This Way. Especially Young People. I'm Not Young But I Also Don't Look My Age. Atleast This Job Give's Me A Nice Work Out... I'm Thinking Of Doing A Stocking Job. But I'm Not Too Sure Because Of My #Scoliosis . I Just Want To Be Treated Fairly And Equally Valued". × Sincerely, ☆S.K.☆


    × " Why Get Married If You're Not Intrested Or Even Ready ? " × #Topic

    × " I Have Experienced Two Ugly Divorce's From Both Of My Older Brother's... And Then My Older Sister... Since Then I View Marriage As A Locked Down... And There Goe's Your Freedom... Type Of Opinion × View. My Own Marriage Was Very Co-Dependant.. But Marriage To Me Is Now View Like Meh... Example: Celebrities O.m.g Don't Get Married... Just Because You Have Ton's Of Money To Blow. And Then Get Divorced In 2 Second's. And For Those Of You Who Cherish Being... Married... It's Not Fair The Some People Don't Take Vow's And A Partnership Seriously Nowaday's. And It's Truly Sad. I Have My Own Reason's To " NEVER " Re-Marry " Even Though This Was My 1st Marriage × Divorce Experience. Not To Mention The $$$ It Cost My Ex To File For Divorce $ 3,000. He Was Mad But He's The One That Ended It. Not Me LoL. The Reason I Write This Post Is To Not Disrespect "Getting Married" × " Marriage" In Any Way... I Just Now Think That Marrige Is Not My Cup Of Tea...Or In My Card's Anymore... Also I Keep Getting Asked If I Will Get Married Again? My Point Is If You Plan On Getting Married Do It For The Right Reason's..And For The Life Partner That You Have Chosen To Share The Rest Of Your Life With. My Answer :.."Is I Love My Independence × Freedom... "So No! Thanx... × ☆ S.K. ☆ # Topic