I went through withdraw from my antidepressant yet again this week. Ive had it happen before but this was so bad. The headaches are worse than ever. I left work throwing up two days in a row and spent the entire day puking yesterday bc the pharmacy didnt fill them on time. But this is maybe my 9th or 10th antidepressant Ive been on in the last 3 years and i still cannot find one that works. I just turned 19 last month so my doctor is having an adult provider reach out to me (which was supposed to happen like 3 months ago) so we csn change my meds. Ive been on this one for maybe a year bc i havent haf the time or energy to change it but i missed mayne 2 doses and went into full blown withdraw and practically felt like i was dying for the last 4 days. I cant even describe how much i hate this. I hate being depressed and i hate being on meds that don't work and i hate seeing doctors and i hate the withdraw so much. I just want it to be over. So many days i just wish i was dead so i wouldnt have to deal with this anymore. My car accident that caused my fibro was horrible and everyday i wish it haf killed me. Or the people in my life that abused me. I just wish i wasnt here anymore bc im so young but i feel like I'm dying 24/7 and i honestly dont know hoe much longer i can live with this pain.
#Depression #Fibromyalgia #withdraw #miserable