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    Low self esteem and worthless

    I have had a couple of rough days and yeah I feel very low. Today is Sunday and I feel a little brighter. #LowVision #worthlesss

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    Losing my job

    Today I got a call from my boss to tell me their letting me go I lost my job just as quick as I got it. The fear that I will fall back into a dark place is high right now because I have nothing to get up for now the feeling of worthlessness the feeling of not being good enough are lingering. I told my friends about it and they laughed and said oh well what can you do. I just wish life would get easier and that I had someone to talk to. #Depression #worthlesss

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    Will I able to do something ?

    Several thoughts are running in my mind from past few days and they are just making me to feel worthless. I question myself daily that "Will I able to do something in my life ? " because whenever I try to do something which I love I m just unable to do . it's not because I didn't want to , it's because my anxiety and depression doesn't let me . I hope you are getting my point. it's hard to focus and concentrate with depression . I don't know how I will get out of this but I m getting tired day by day . I m getting imprisoned in my own mind. My thoughts are killing me . #Depression #depressingthoughts #worthlesss #tired

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