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Hello from Starbucks!

Hi everyone, I am at a Starbucks near my house. I just joined The Mighty because I have a friend with EDS and she linked a story from here. Anyway, I was surprised severe myopia or even Low Vision was not one of the categories to choose from when setting up your profile. Anyway, I'm glad there's a group for us. I am corrected to about 20/80 and have nystagmus. I have some retina issue and eye randomness that I was born with. I can't see well enough to drive.

Quick question, does anyone else have issues going to places like Target or any big box store to get glasses? My prescription is -15 and -17 and the person wasn't able to put my prescription into the computer. She'll get her manager to see if there's a certain "YES THIS IS A REAL PRESCRIPTION" button to push on the computer to enter my prescription and finish my order, and they will call me Monday to confirm. But man, I definitely felt like the oddball who is not 'normal' enough to do normal things like drive and get eyeglasses at a regular place, but my eyes are not so severe that I require a cane or anything like that.

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Low self esteem and worthless

I have had a couple of rough days and yeah I feel very low. Today is Sunday and I feel a little brighter. #LowVision #worthlesss


Technology and accessibility #Technology #LowVision #Accessibility #IIH

I hav been able to get my phone optimized as well as it can be given my eyes and the weakness in my right side. Same for the DS and the XBOX. All I have to do is get a controller that’s easier to grip and a headset that will -hopefully- work for my computer and XBOX.

However, this has proven very difficult for my laptop. I’ve been able to make sure that night light is on almost the entire time, 24 seven, so that the light on the computer isn’t is clearing. I’m in grad school and I’m having to take my classes online due to being immuno compromised, so I have to use the computer a lot. Additionally, I have increased the size of the text on my computer, Inc. the magnifying glass, need to text on my taskbar larger,

and had it set up so that Microsoft will give me text suggestions not just in English, but in the other languages that I read in writing. You can’t really write but a German composer or concepts if these spellcheck doesn’t recognize German.

I’m still having a lot of issues though with reading things on the screen.
I can’t get the text to change on program notifications such as installations and within certain applications. Furthermore the Internet is a mess in general. Hopefully my headset will be arriving soon, but it’s really hard to do anything when everything is so blurry.

Do y’all know of any ways to make a computer mark cesspool for someone with low vision? I wear prescription glasses that a tent in them, but it does it resolved the blurriness from IIH which is constant.