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Grumpy days.

This is just a full blown vent, if you're in need of uplifting and motivating content today then please don't read this ❤️
I normally try to see the bright side of everything and I don't like to show everyone what I'm really feeling. I went off of my Prednisone in the beginning of March and it took 2 months to get through the mood swings and finally start to see my normal face shape, I had to start taking them again because I hit a bad flare up. It frustrates me that my family know how much I dislike being on them and how bad the side effects actually affect me. And yet they still make remarks about how I should keep taking them because I seem better when I'm on them. After everybody dealing with my moods from going off of them, I feel like they all secretly wish I stay on them because I'm less groggy when I take them. My dose is tapering down again and I'm not sure if that's why I'm feeling so angry all the time again. I'm frustrated with everything and everyone. Every little thing seems to bother me lately and I don't know how to deal with it. I can't keep going to my family about what I'm feeling because it seems that the easy way out for everyone is to shove more meds down my throat. I'm tired of taking so much medication. I'm tired of the side effects. I'm tired of feeling like a pufferfish and everyone telling me how fat I'm getting. I'm tired of feeling irritated by everything , this is not me ... #tired #frustrated #angry

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Hey peeps, my name is Faye. I was diagnosed late April with a respiratory infection, then COVID, now pneumonia. I'm so tired of being sick. I had a tracheostomy for 7 years. It was removed 1.5 years ago. I am disabled.
#chronic illness

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Is anyone else #tired *trigger warning #Suicide #Selfharm

Does anyone else ever feel tired of life? Not that you can't go on or want to end things, but just tired of living like this, or, for the minutest of seconds feel disappointed that you have woken up that day? I'm just so, so tired #ChronicPain #Depression #darkthoughts

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Community Voices

Hey, I'm new here.

Hi, it's taken me a year to reach out to others with Lupus. I was doing really well but I've hit a serious low in the last couple of weeks and it's hard to find people who actually understand what I'm going through. This is not an easy step for me as I don't normally go this far out of my comfort zone. I've been so optimistic and looking on the bright side. Been trying to keep a brave face for everyone around me and I've just snapped. It's possible that I'm only now accepting my diagnosis and it's sending me into a flat spin and one heck of an emotional roller coaster.

#Lupus #tired

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I'm tired of feeling tired.

I'm tired of feeling fed up

I'm tired of spending all day in bed as I can't do/face anything else

But most of all...

I'm tired of being in excruciating pain due to my endo on top of my Chronic pain due to EDS!

I know there is an end to this but it seems to be so far away as I don't have a date for my op yet, not to mention the fact that that might not even stop the pain!


I want to get back to work but at the same time I'm terrified that I won't cope when I do!

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Hungry, angry, lonely, tired. But don’t worry, I’m on my work break and listening to PJ Harvey. Life goes on. Anyone else in a PJ kinda mood? #Longday #tired #Music

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#tired of being up 4am. 2 weeks. My sleep schedule got disturbed 2 weeks ago w my son on vacation

I hope it fix tonight

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Med changes

I am going through some massive med changes. Currently I just titrated off geodon and am titrating onto invega. I’m on day four of invega titration and tonight will take 6 mg for the first time. After getting off 220mg of geodon over the course of a week and now going up slowly on invega, my sleep is all over the place. Some nights I get 5 hours, others I get 12. My goal is to end up at 9 mg of invega. Thank goodness I’m on medical leave and long term disability, couldn’t handle this while working. Somehow managed to get through an interview after five hours of sleep and some hypomania. Next my doctor and I want to get me off lithium, a drug that’s messed me up with side effects. Let’s just hope I make it through the next couple of months. #medchange #Insomnia #Hypomania #MixedMania #tired

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