In order for a habit and new practice to take flesh, it needs a thought or thought pattern. Thoughts are seeds that blossom into attitude and action. Journaling is a multi faceted practice that can be used as a canvas to express your thoughts on paper or your device. Whether it is to express your anxiety over things your dealing with, plan your day, set objectives or create positive affirmations to motivate or uplift yourself ; writing things down is the foundation of determining what is on your heart and mind; it is the catalyst for self reflection; going inwards for self discovery, self assessment and goal setting to address your needs on every level. No journalism or literature degreee required; it’s not about the quality of your writing, diction or ability to articulate like a publisheed author. It’s about being honest with yourself and paving a path for growth and self development. #Write #journalyourlifeaway #Selfcare #behonestwithyourself #mindsetiseverything #writetodiscover #writetoheal #writetogrow