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Abortion in America

#Abortion #women 's rights. I know, I know. Abortion is such a taboo subject. Being from 🇨🇦 can anyone explain to me how this law could've been passed in so many states in your country?!? I truly don't understand not having that choice as a woman. I'm terrified, pissed off, saddened and still in disbelief that this right could be taken away from so many!
I'm curious if most women who live in these states feel the same way, and I have to say that the rhought of living in a state like Texas scares the crap out me.
I live close to Windsor, Ontario which might have 1 murder a year, and across a bridge is Detroit, MI which has 100's of murders a year. Is it a gun thing? A gang thing? I've never known anyone who owned a gun...even shotguns for hunting are rare. Obviously not growing up in America, I find it difficult to believe that the Forefathers had handguns and AK-47's in mind "as a right to bear arms"
I truly want to understand, and all insights are appreciated 🙏

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We should have been preparing for our little girl’s birthday,

My darling dear baby girl should’ve been turning 2 in October.

The trauma of losing her is hitting me really really hard. I wish I could spend this time honoring and moarning her with the man that would’ve been her dad but, instead I am alone in my sorrow.

I was told I was temporary and while I am a ball of tears, again, just like last year … he is married with a child and I am still in moarning. I don’t deny him happiness but I do have anger towards him for denying her. The reason she left this world was because neither mommy nor baby was healthy and she wouldn’t survive.

My darling dear, you are worth more than this world. You are loved, always.

I miss you more than words can say. My darling Taylor, my love and light ❤️

Mommy promises to love and hold you in her heart forever. Your dad left us both and I am sorry I couldn’t keep you alive or your daddy and mommy together.

I miss you forever ❤️

#Abortion #Abuse


Grief of ending a wanted pregnancy

With the overturning of Roe Versus Wade, I felt compelled to interview women that have had abortions to open the conversation about these very individual and personal stories. I encourage you to listen to Kate's story with an open mind and an open heart, especially if you are against abortion.

Kate had a late-term abortion when she was 35 weeks pregnant due to severe medical issues and it being a very high-risk pregnancy putting Kate's life in danger. Kate's story is an emotional one but it's not an uncommon one. Kate shares the shock, grief, and fear she experienced when she learned her best option would be having an abortion for her very wanted and very loved baby.

Listen to Kate's emotional and powerful story here

98. The Grief of choosing to end a wanted pregnancy - AccordingtoDes

#Abortion #Prochoice #prolife #antichoice #Depression #Anxiety #abortionishealthcare #griefandloss #Grief #Miscarriage

98. The Grief of choosing to end a wanted pregnancy - AccordingtoDes

Hello and welcome to my podcast, The Wellness Project with Des. In today’s episode, I speak with Kate Carson about her experience ending a wanted pregnancy. I’m Desiree, a Mental Health Therapist that is passionate about helping people improve their mental health and live a healthy and fulfilled life. One way I do this is by […]

If you have a miscarriage, you are now a suspect

Few people seem to understand this, but a ruling to overturn Roe allows for every woman who suffers a miscarriage to be treated as a murder suspect. How ghoulish. #Abortion