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    I have to set me free

    Your pride will kill you
    Be humble, if not you'll die alone too
    You pushed away someone who without questing would go to war with you
    Our whole relationship wasted
    Spent inside your head
    You're imagination played you
    Painting a picture of the drug addict me
    Making it where you thought you didn't have to respect me
    The silent treatment controlled me
    Picking apart my personality
    Your imagination convinced me
    I believed you were better than me
    Turns out you fight the same demons as me
    Check to check
    Now I know why you went days without speaking to me
    Your tolerance continues to increase
    Pain killers are expensive
    But without them it's hard to sleep, Wake up, Eat, Work, Laugh, Or just be
    My smile is a reminder you're not better than me
    This isn't some hate speech
    Or a fancy way to blame you
    Because I'll rip the paper up when I'm through
    I'm not perfect by no means
    I don't try to forget the past me
    I'm ashamed because I didn't love me
    I couldn't understand why you didn't want me
    One day your secret will be hard for you to keep
    An when that day comes without judgement you will have me
    I realized your just unhappy
    It has nothing to do with me
    For our son's sake I hope you find your Happy
    An when you do you'll understand I didn't abandon you
    I saved me
    I found my missing piece
    An set myself free
    An just for today
    I'm able to be me
    I'm fucking amazing
    You missed out on getting to know me


    Refocusing on recovery

    Having been very ill for a long time growing up, 3 years ago after a hospital admission I threw myself into recovery and I had an amazing few months. Then I left home and had all the normal stresses of that but I refused to let, or admit that anything was bothering me. A few years later it’s all piled up and I’m trying recovery again but this time without the many therapists I had before.
    I think my first step needs to be to sort out my relationships because feeling isolated all the time is not an easy way to start. Does anyone have any tips on how to reach out to new people and deepen my current relationships with a very short social battery and a fear of saying or doing anything at risk of saying something wrong and being judged?

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    True Story!

    I met a Christian man who appeared to be very interested in me. We dove into a daily texting relationship – all day every day for a few weeks. And he asked if I was his girlfriend and could we date. We went on 1 date. I could tell he wasn’t that into me but we kept on for a bit nonetheless. I hover between giving the benefit of the doubt and hearing/feeling the truth A LOT. Wondering if that’s common for a lot of us….. anyway, we talked on the phone once or twice, and after the second time he ghosted me. Just disappeared. TORE me up…….is tearing me up. I didn’t guard my heart. In the very beginning….when I should have. And I know how this story goes – not my first rodeo – so why don’t I learn??????? EVER?!?!?!? Anyone else?#BPD relationships

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    5 tips for building relationships at work

    #Anxiety #Burnout #Workplace

    1. Build relationships from the start

    New hires or employees new to the workforce may have a more difficult time forming relationships with their co-workers. According to one CNBC report, people in entry-level jobs are the least likely to have a best friend at work.

    Building relationships at work begins on an employee’s first day. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to establish an onboarding process that welcomes new employees, shows them the ropes, and incorporates your workforce.

    You can support work relationship building by introducing new employees to your current workers during new hire onboarding. Delegate new hire training to one or more of your current employees. Encourage your new hire to ask one of their co-workers if they have any questions about their duties.

    Another way you can encourage relationship building from the start is by hosting a team lunch where your new hire can get to know your current employees. You can cater lunch, take employees out to eat, or ask all employees to pack a lunch. Nothing says bonding like food, right?

    2. Encourage interdepartmental communication

    You can’t expect employees to build relationships if they don’t get the chance to communicate. Creating teamwork opportunities can help bring employees together, but communication can be difficult if you have multiple departments in your small business.

    Encourage interdepartmental communication by meeting regularly with your staff. That way, different departments or employees can discuss projects they are working on.

    After meetings, employees should continue to collaborate with their co-workers, even if they are in separate departments. An employee in one department might be able to provide valuable information to another.

    You might even consider pairing up employees from different departments to work on a project. Interdepartmental teamwork can strengthen your relationship building efforts and also increase innovation within your small company.

    To further emphasize your commitment to creating an environment where employees can foster relationships, consider using collaboration tools, such as online messaging and video systems. That way, employees can keep in touch about work projects, exchange funny memes, and talk about their days.

    Collaboration tools can especially encourage communication between your remote employees and in-house staff. With the right virtual collaboration tools, your employees can build relationships, regardless of their physical location.

    3. Increase socialization opportunities at work

    When employees lead busy lives, they may not have the time or energy to focus on building relationships at work.

    According to the CNBC report, work friendships decline as age and responsibilities (both in and out of work) increase.

    Rather than eating lunch together, your employees might work through their break to get more tasks done. And instead of meeting for coffee after work, your employees might head home to take care of their families or attend night class.

    To balance the busy lives your employees lead, consider hosting social events during work hours. You can host holiday parties, monthly team lunches, or achievement celebrations. That way, employees can step away from their desks and build relationships with their co-workers.

    4. Hold in-person training and team-building sessions

    Continual training opportunities help develop your employees’ skills, knowledge, and abilities. And, synchronous, in-person training sessions can be great for building effective work relationships.

    Team-building activities, like a volunteer opportunity or fun scavenger hunt, can also be helpful to growing work relationships.

    Consider hosting a monthly or quarterly training or team-building meeting. That way, employees can touch base with one another, get to know new hires, and grow their strengths.

    5. Start a wellness program

    One report found that 66% of HR managers saw an increase in wellness programs between 2013 and 2018. Do you have a wellness program in your small business?

    Aside from reducing absenteeism, cutting health care costs, and boosting productivity, wellness programs can build relationships among employees.

    Employees who exercise and make healthy eating choices together may form a camaraderie due to the increased time spent together (either during lunch or after work) and shared goal. Not to mention, pursuing a common goal gives employees something to talk about.

    You can encourage employees to participate in a wellness program by offering incentives and including information about your program in your employee handbook. Also, you can turn your wellness program into a friendly competition between employees or departments.

    You can refer to this:


    Escaping into the woods

    I am barely coping with my current life stressors, my anxiety and fear of losing people I love may have ruined the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had…. I made strides to heal myself, I actively use CBT, I have workbooks I use daily to continue to practice… I’m so used to people walking away that I over try with the ones I love and this time it caused me to overstep boundaries out of fear. I hate myself for it, I hate that no matter the amount of work, therapy and progress I have made… I couldn’t see past my blind fear or recognize my severe anxiety in my reactions and responses… it took me 3 weeks to get a hold of it, see it, understand what it was and now I fear that damage is done and it’s to late to save a relationship I truly deeply valued. I find myself retreating from the world and disappear into the woods for long hikes to process… I’ve accepted I can’t control the outcome it will be what it will be and all I can do is control myself and be okay regardless of the outcome. It hurts though so much #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #Therapy #AbuseSurvivors #GAD #MDD #Selfharm #ChildhoodTraumaSurvivors

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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is celle. I'm here because i’ve recently discovered that i have Borderline personality disorder its been really hard because im really in denial but i also wanna know more about the disorder even though i’ve already experienced half of it through my pre-teen years and i also wanna know more about my triggers so i can have a more stable relationship with my s/o

    #MightyTogether #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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    I have BPD. I’ve had several relationships that could have been good but I ended them. I convinced myself they were not like the “one” that moved back home, overseas. I keep self sabotaging and this last relationship is one I’m regretting fully. I cut her off quickly and convinced myself she wasn’t a “one” and better to move on. I haven’t dated since and have no plans at the moment to do so. I’m hoping I can clear the wall around my heart. The funny thing is that I can tell friends I’m hurting, depressed, and anxious, but not a partner. I have pessimistic thoughts that I will never have a relationship that is healthy. Healthy being that I communicate the real “why” in my distancing. Just frustrated with this disease. I work hard….I do. And I’m tired.


    Please help I need some help mentally rn I’m going fricking nuts with my anxiety #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack #Relationships

    I hate when we don’t get along we are so strong we are soulmates she agrees I even got her a promise ring but my anxiety has me thinking I’m the problem and that I did something wrong and I can’t stop beating myself up over this she’s mad becuase of me I just know it I love her though and I didn’t wanna fight cause it sometimes sparks my ptsd if there’s yelling involved cause I was screamed at as a child nonstop but I need to know if this is just all my mind going nuts or if I actually did something she’s my first serious gf I love her so much but I am not gonna fight please help.

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    Prejudice #Depression #Anxiety #Prejudice #hate #FamilyAndFriends #Relationships #MentalHealth

    Prejudice has no place in a healthy society.

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    Parent with #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder reflections

    I had a very abusive and difficult relationship with my BPD parent growing up. They were physically and emotionally abusive. They also gaslit me so much that even as an adult I have a lot of self doubt. I have forgiven my BPD parent. It took two decades of therapy but I got there. I am free. They are of a generation that did not believe in mental health. They never got treatment. They did their best, even if their best was abusive.... Sigh. Over time as I moved out and struck out on my own, I put down very firm boundaries with them which helped them unmesh with me. I learnt how to have healthy boundaries. I learnt how to self advocate. Over time we have built a relationship again. It's not perfect but it is much better than nothing. I am heartbroken that it took my sibling's sudden death a few years ago to shake up my parent enough to start acting kinder.

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