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    ADHD at a wedding

    Hi everyone

    My mother in law is getting married soon. I'm a bridesmaid, and it's going to be a lovely day. However it's also going to be LONG. I'll be there all day the day before, staying over the night before. Then the wedding day is an 8 til dawn kind of deal, then we're all having breakfast together the next day and doing clean up (wedding is at their house). It's going to be largely people I don't know and the sheer amount of social masking alone is stressing me out. I'm going to be shattered but also want to have a good time and be upbeat for MIL. Anyone got any tips for long events as a neurodivergent person?#ADHD #adhdadvice


    Advice for hyperfixations/how to stop them?

    With my ADHD I tend to get really into certain things at times, but this is my first real hyperfixation. Usually I’m interested in things but only on a surface level. This, I’m spending all my time researching and dissecting everything and counting down the seconds to go about it again and it’s getting really upsetting and stressful honestly. it’s only been a few days but I really don’t like it.... help? I basically spent all of this past weekend and every second possible during this week to focus on it without even wanting to, and it’s very difficult to focus on anything else even though I desperately want to. I often have preferences for certain things at times and watch or do them more often than others but can still do other things, but I cannot bring myself to focus on anything else to the point of almost forgetting to eat and not being able to sleep, it just won’t happen. it’s a little scary. it’s a harmless thing I’m fixated on, it’s just overwhelming. thanks in advance. #ADHD #Hyperfixation #Advice #Adviceplease #adhdadvice