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Recommendations for shoulder braces? #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain

I’ve been trying to build up my muscle mass recently and have been doing a lot of water excercise which is supposed to be easier on bad joints than other forms of excercise but I’ve managed to cause my shoulders to flare up anyhow and now I keep pulling them whenever I reach forward. I’m looking for a good shoulder brace that could help stabilize and let the inflammation die down. Any recommendations?
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #RheumatoidArthritis #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicIllness #Advice

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Struggles of ADD

In recent years I realized I have ADD. I always wondered why I could not focus, focused too much, or just zoned out completely. I am very easily overwhelmed and sometimes it feels like my brain is just not working how I would like. It’s nice to know what I am struggling with. But also stressful because it affects all aspects of my life. For example, this morning when getting ready for work I kept forgetting what I was doing. I went from making coffee forgetting to finish that and then starting to do the dishes. It has been exhausting to function like that and even more so my job has made it more apparent how much this impedes on my life. At work I can’t remember to do things and it a fast pace environment that has a lot going on. So far most days are chaos driven. I feel the overstimulated environment only further highlights my ADD. I hope to soon have tools to cope with ADD because I worry it may affect every job I have.
#ADHD #Advice

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Good News

After a few months of being unhappy at my job and it deteriorating my mental well being I decided to resign. I resigned to better my mental health and enjoy my life more. I also wanted to change my career after realizing what I am doing is not for me. I applied to an educational program in a feild I want to pursue and have an interview soon for a position in that feild. I feel things may get better. However, I am still dealing with the dread of completing the last few weeks of my job. I know good things are to come but I am so depressed and anxious in my current role. How can I increase my gratitude for what is going well? And not allow my anxiety and depression to take my joy away? #Anxiety #Support #Advice #Gratitude

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Talk About It Tuesday: Physical Activity Advice

<p>Talk About It Tuesday: Physical Activity Advice</p>
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Quitting my Job

I am in a weird head space about quitting my job. I have wanted to quit for months. My mental health has deteriorated over the last few months of this job. And I feel miserable. I finally decided today I will be quitting this week and providing a 2 week notice. I feel so relieved and happy I can start pursuing a career I want. But also I am so terrified to take this risk. I have no job lined up (I have been applying for jobs). I also struggle with a since of guilt because I am not a quitter. How do I cope with the ambivalence of this decision? #Anxiety #Workstress #Advice

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Any excercise tips? #Fibromyalgia

Trying to stay in shape but I’m gaining weight and losing muscle mass. I’m exhausted all the time from #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis and #Fibromyalgia and the muscle pain has been so awful for the last several months. I drag myself to work around noon and then collapse back at home at 6 and hope that my bosses don’t notice that I’m not even managing to work half days. I feel useless and like a weight on society and the last thing I have left is this imperfect body and I just want to keep it in as good condition as I can but I don’t see how I can possibly excercise through the pain and exhaustion. This flare won’t go away. I’ve been looking for a good (free) yoga app that has more gentle yoga. I had been trying to build up from stretching to yoga to barre to Pilates but as soon as I try more intensive yoga or barre my body gives out. The pain in my legs has kept me from getting out and walking. There’s no public pools where I live so I can’t do water excercise. I’m lost and don’t know what to do. My spouse is overwhelmed trying to care for me. I hate this. #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Workout #Advice #overwhelmed

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To Anyone,
I need HELP. As SOON as can be.
Now let me explain, please read my full story.
Alright, back in 2006 I was in 7th grade and going to a private school. I was outside with my friends and I was laughing and took a step back and fell off the curb onto my backpack which had a book jetting out and I herniated 2 discs. (I also had servere stomach pains which made it hard for me to eat). I was put on pain meds due to the severity of my pain (young I know) I started missing alot more school then I already was. My mother took me to Doctor after Doctor for help, test after test. Almost every Doctor REJECTED me saying NOTHING was wrong even with physical evidence my back have herniated. In fact one disc swelled up and they said it was just a "Fluffy" Disc. One doctor even told my mom that my pain was from the stretch marks on my back. And these weren't minor hospitals, I'm talking John's Hopkins, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, University of Maryland, Franklin Square, even Mercy.
In the meantime I did everything I could to try and help the pain. EVERYTHING. I still went to school, even had 2 jobs and went out with friends. I hid my pain as much as I could. Also, during this time, my mother had 2, back surgeries and was working and dealing with my very crazy Schizophrenic grandmother and equally crazy Bipoloar (more like undiagnosed Schizophrenic) Uncle.
When I was in 9the grade I was diagnosed with a Gallbladder that had stones and would only contract at 2% (normal is 30% minimum). So I had it removed in '09.
I had to return to public school for 10th grade, I became even more petrified of school then I had been. (I was already on psych meds for depression and SEVERE anxiety) I also was in an abusive relationship, basically a 24/7 suicide hotline, and my GOD you can say I basically raised my Girlfriend from age 13 to 17. Oh yeah, had to keep that a secret and she lived a state away buy I went every weekend)
On top of that I found out that my girlfriend during a break with my other was being sexualy abused by her stepfather and had to intervene. She's safe now, moved on and married happily.
But, I digress. I was put on home tutoring, I did go back for 12th and graduated. My GF (that I went back to) left me and put me in a horried place.
FINALLY in 2012 I found a doctor that BELIEVED me, after I felt hopeless, that did would do surgery. So, I had a Triple Fusion to my L4, L5, S1.
A year later though, on Christmas Eve, 1 year and 3 days after my surgery, we found out my older twin sisters friends mother died early in the morning due to an alcohol overdose. We then got a call my Uncle had been found dead in his basement and that my grandmother had been on the floor with no food or water for 3 - 4 days. After going to the hospital to fight with them to save my Grandmother's Life, my Dad took me to see his Mother and siblings. We left just to get into a Head On collision. I got ended up with 2 hematomas, liver damage, a large gash from the seatbelt, a cracking fault line on my teeth, I'm pretty sure a concussion, nerve and muscle damage to my arm and a broken sternum.
Now, I was having trouble after this with finding a pain management doctor after the laws changed. When the clinic I was going to last for 4yrs they wanted me to try other pain meds other then the ones I'm on but one after the other I had an allergic reaction. So I was put back on the meds I am. I went through 4 or 5 doctors at the clinic. The last one I had never made me feel safe. I tried to find a new place but a program called CRISP came about. I was lined up to go to another doctor but because of this system only showing where that doctor works NOW, I got a discharge from the new doctor for "Doctor Hopping". I also got one from a doctor that did my back injections since I was 12. So I stayed with the old clinic.
Well, over the past few years my pain got worse. The doctor I was with would order 2 MRIs a year. Finally, he said go see my surgeon. I do find out my bottom 2 screws were fractured and I needed surgery since they were moving.
One month before my surgery my pain doctor "forgot" to send my meds to my pharmacy then went on VACATION!!
I found a new doctor, they insisted I have a discharge to be seen. So I go. She said either she weens me off or down or go on Suboxone. I agree to ween down. Next week I have surgery. I was put on 15mg morph immediate release every 4hr and 15mg morph extended every 12hrs.
A week later I see the new doctor 1 WEEK later that cuts we down to 15mg immediate every 8hrs. I begged for holding one month. Nope. And I'm NOT going on Suboxone, it's 10x WORSE!
I now have seen multiple doctors that want to take it all away.
I have no doctor and NOWHERE to go. I'm not a drug seeker, I don't do street drugs, nothing. I now am bedbound with my boyfriend taking care of me. I take this medicine to function. And now I can't.
My normal script is 15mg Morph IR every 6 and 15mg ER every 12.

Please, PLEASE, HELP! I'm scared, I'm bedbound, I'm in excruciating pain with nothing. I don't know what to do anymore.
#help #scared #ChronicPain #BackPain #PainManagement #Advice

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I’d like some advice on the antibiotic I’m taking for a dental infection…

Hey, everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Yesterday I saw my dentist for a pretty big abscess on my gum near my jaw. I have a broken tooth that needs to be removed under general anaesthetic and every now and then, I get an infection in it. Unfortunately, the NHS waiting list for dental work under sedation is ENORMOUSLY long. So I’ll be waiting for a while yet.

I’m allergic to a few antibiotics, so I’ve been told to take Penicillin for five days. Which is fine. I usually get a bit of diarrhoea with it, but I have IBS anyway so that’s normal. BUT. This time… I can’t get this burning sensation in my stomach to go away. I’ve tried taking it WITH food and WITHOUT food.. Doesn’t seem to matter. I have GERD, so I suppose it could be that, but it happens usually a little while after I take the stuff and can last for a few hours.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Any handy tips? It’s much appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

#dental #DentalInfection #GERD #IBS #Antibiotic #Penicillin #Burningsensation #Advice

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Hi im having a brain MRI this weekend and wanted to know anything i should be prepared for. I’ve had one years ago but this one will be longer i think a hour atleast 😭 im very nervous to say the least my mom has chiari malformation and we think I may have it to #ChiariMalformation #MRI #Advice

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I struggle with friendships -- I always have. Right now my "bestfriend" told me she can't deal with me right now after I reached out to her about something that was bothering me that she said / did. I feel like she abandoned me.. I also can't help but blame myself for even saying something to her in the first place. We haven't talked in a week since she told me she couldn't deal with me :/ I feel things I# haven't felt in a long time.

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