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    Any adults with #ARFID or similar?

    Long time suspected I have an #EatingDisorder but when I went to my psychologist with the lengthy list of reasons why, the list of behaviours and beliefs and I was really open, I was told flat out that as I ‘don’t count calories’ and don’t weigh myself consistently, I don’t have an #ED and that was it.

    Let’s be clear. I do not want another diagnosis. I have plenty to get along with.

    I want help to understand myself and to help myself get better and live a healthier and happier life.

    The bizarre thing, is that I posted an anonymous ‘asking for a friend’ post in a Facebook support group, and everyone responded with ‘yes, your friend needs help and they definitely have an illness and need to seek support immediately’ but then when I revealed to a few friends that it was me and it was about me, they accused me of ‘wanting to have an ED’. Which as you can imagine is absolute rubbish.

    Anyway. Anyone been in a similar situation? Any suggestions? How did you manage it? Have you found a way to manage it?

    Thank you.

    #EatingDisorders #adultswitheatingdisorders #eatingdisordersupport

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