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I’m worried I’m dying

Hi y’all. I’ve struggled with anorexia for years, but in the past few months my eating disorder has taken a turn that is scarier to me. I’ve developed ARFID, which essentially means that my body rejects most foods and I have a hard time getting in enough nutrition. This past week, my body has shut down. I’m so dizzy and weak and tired and I can barely move. I haven’t been able to go to work. My doctor says I might need higher level of care. I’ve never felt this way and I feel like my body is dying. I’m trying my very best to get in enough food, but I need help. I’m scared. I’m not really looking for advice, just support and feeling seen. I don’t really know anyone with ARFID and I feel so alone. #ARFID #ED #AnorexiaNervosa

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Difference between AN B/P subtype and purging disorder?

I'm curious to know the difference between the binge/purge subtype of anorexia versus purging disorder. I was diagnosed with the first one but I'm thinking purging disorder seems more accurate to me, but I'm not 100% sure. I can talk to my psychiatrist about it, I just want to hear other people's opinions too (especially from professionals on here that specialize in eating disorders and sufferers of these conditions). Thank you in advance and stay safe ❤ I know this stuff is hard. #Anorexia #ED #EatingDisorders #AnorexiaNervosa

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Hitting Bottom With Everything

Hi everyone. I’ve been having a really hard time for a LONG time, and I need to get things out of my head tonight. As some of you know I’ve been having health problems for quite awhile, plus dealing with the loss of my Dad and now my precious baby Roxie. Well, I dont know if Ive mentioned it very often, but I also have a problem with overeating. Ive been doing it mostly since Daddy passed in 2020, and it’s become really painful physically yet I can’t stop. I barely remember the past two weeks since my sweet dog-baby passed because I’ve just been binging, sleeping, and playing my video games. I haven’t gotten real help for my grief over Dad yet, and now I see how Im doing the same thing with losing little Rox—eating myself into a coma and still not getting the help I really need. I know that at this point I dont consciously want to atuff my feelings down—-I WANT to think of Daddy and Rox and cry, really feel this emotional pain. But this other part of me, a part that seems almost like another person, takes over and somehow Im driving to the store totally on impulse, getting God knows what, then coming home and eating it. I hate this so much. I feel totally out of control, lonely as hell, and in incredible pain—every day and every night. Im actually afraid that one day my body will just give out and I wont even get the chance to get my health back or have a good life. Its hard too because I know I need a counselor and OA. But I haven’t made an effort to do either one yet. I have gotten OA books and have been reading them, which is good. But I haven’t reached out to anyone yet. I think maybe deep down Im afraid I wont be able to get better, and I know that I need to deal with the overeating first or else other health problems related to my stomach and huge weight loss wont be able to be healed. Im so tired of being alone with all of these problems I just feel overwhelmed. I want my life back, myself back, my weight back, my health back, my parents back, and my lil Roxie back. All of the losses and health problems have lead me into overeating and not taking care of myself at all. And I wish so much that I had people in my f2f life like you guys who could help me. I wish I were surrounded by people who were loving, patient, encouraging, respectful, and able to help me with things. I dont like to envy others, but its been so long since I’ve had these kind of relationships (if ever) that when I see or read about people who have good relationships with spouses, siblings, living parents, close friends, etc I just want to cry. When I look around here I see myself and my remaining pets. Thats it. Im alone when Im sick, at appointments, grieving, rushing pets to appointments, having the house and its issues to cope with——all of it. And I literally can’t take it anymore. In just the past two days I’ve had the heater go out, got a flat tire, and learned that my electrical system might need serious work. Im on a really tight budget and trying to get on SSI or SS Disability, so I definitely cant afford these kinds of things. 😔

I dont know. I just had to get this out tonight. It helps tremendously to write in my journal and get thjngs out that way, but sometimes I need to let other people know whats going on in my life. I appreciate you guys listening.

#Grief #ED #Pets #Bipolar #ADD #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue

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Its getting bad again. Im losing control and i dont know what else to do. Im already getting help but im getting worse. #Anxiety #Depression #ED

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Healing #EatingDisorder


My name is Whitney and I am in recovery from atypical anorexia purging subtype. I am about to finish IOP next week and have made SO much progress in treatment this time going through each level of care. I wrote an article that is on my page about how I’ve started healing my relationship with my body during recovery, and if anyone is interested in finding ideas on things I have found helpful I would love for you to check it out. My goal in writing it was to just be able to help one person and I hope I’m able to do that. #EDrecovery #AnorexiaNervosa #AtypicalAnorexia #ED #MentalHealth #recoverywarrior