People wonder how I can so willfully hurt myself by eating food that I know will cause me to feel sick. I saw another part about someone drinking with breakfast to stress relieve and I thought to myself why don't you address your stress? There's nothing won't with drinking in moderation in my mind, but at the same time isn't drinking all the time because you're always stressed rather similar to me stress eating. My diet is super restrictive due to a lot histamine diet for MCAS and I get tired of eating the same old food all the time for months on end. I'm finally on a medication that should help me broaden the list, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat the average diet. I will probably never be able to go onto a full American diet. Every gathering with food is a test of my will power to stay on diet. Few people know how to have a gathering without food. I've learned to bring yummy snacks for myself that I save for special occasions and deal pretty well, but I yes I fall off the boat occasionally. Tonight was the first time my husband approached me about eating allergens in a way that was understanding. He told me he was concerned I might be over doing it, but he understood why I took a flying leap off the boat. It means so much to me to know he gets it. I told him I was planning on starting tomorrow back on diet, but that I just wasn't up eating my safe foods that number around a dozen tonight. Of course like any addict I have to make sure tomorrow happens, but I do feel like I can do it. #Depression #LowHistamineDiet #MCAS #AMastyLife #FoodAllergies #foodaddiction