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Help with Food Addiction

Hi there! I've sort of lurked around The Mighty for a while now and decided to start really using the great resources available here. My biggest issue right now is food addiction. Does anywhere else here deal with this? Any suggestions for how you handle feeling like you HAVE to eat (not "regular" eating like meals, for basic human survival, etc)? Any real world information, suggestions, anything at all is totally appreciated. #foodaddiction

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My Feelings In a Photo ...NEED LOVE & SUPPORT 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😭😭😭😤😤😤

So this is an old picture of my room. Currently it’s still a mess, as well as my feelings. I just had a slip, eating my feelings of anxiety, stress, fear, loneliness and depression. I knew this wasn’t the answer, food is a very dangerous drug that took me to rehab last year but I don’t want to let it go. NEED LOVE & SUPPORT 🖤🖤🖤😞😞😞 I literally went to confession today and said I would not binge again but I conciouslu let my illness win, it’s like killing myself slowly with every bite and it’s not like I don’t have a support system, I just am pretty damn stubborn to go to them out of shame and an extremely egocentric attitude 😡😡😡 #Guilt #foodaddiction #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BorderlineStigma #fuckingmad

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Healthier Choices

Doing better with my #BingeEatingDisorder ... definitely contributed to my last low point and I canNOT eat my way into #SuicidalThoughts #Depression anymore...I’m sure I’ll fail, but easing my way into Keto finding some good recipes that don’t taste like ass... I CAN DO THIS!!! Good food tastes good too; I CAN limit the junk.
Please, Lord, strengthen me... #foodaddiction is REAL, and I need much courage, trust, purpose, and guidance 🙏🏻🙏🏻 after all the little baby girl you gave me is purpose enough 💕🎈

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Food addiction & Colitis

I am the adult child of 2 addict parents. My father who is a workaholic & alcoholic. My mom who was an alcoholic & (undiagnosed) Bibpolar. My paternal grandfather is an alcoholic, & my maternal grandfather was a recovered alcoholic. My brother is an addict, & so are many of my family members. Addiction is a very prominent issue with generations before me.

As I grew up, mainly in my adolescence I smoked Cannabis to help cope mentally & emotionally with how fucked up my parents were. I had attempted suicide & failed 3x. I have deep permanent scars from years of cutting, & I LOVED a good dysfunctional relationship. I have quite literally tried all the “fun” drugs you can. LSD, Shrooms, Cocaine, Ecstacy, Hash, Opioids like Oxy & Morphine tablets, Ketamine, Hashish, Benzos.

As I grew up & matured though I parted ways with that kind of life style & the people associated with it. I’ve been estranged from my dad since I was 15. I still have a very rocky relationship with my mom. If it weren’t for my kids her & I wouldn’t talk, ever! I don’t have a relationship with hardly any other relatives either. Through years of therapy, psychiatric care, & a shit ton of self discovery & inward soul searching I’ve grown up & become a well adjusted person & parent more so than I ever thought I was capable of being.

I had a few good years of peace until 2012 when I was diagnosed with Pan Ulcerative Colitis. Since then it’s been an up & down battle with my health both physically & mentally. This September I was diagnosed with CRPS. It’s been a bitch! Between 2012-2020 I have also dealt with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, healing from my childhood & adolescence that caused pretty bad PTSD, & a new diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. Through my years I’ve had unspeakable traumas that I worked through from molestation as a young child , drugged & raped in High school, drug/ alcohol induced black outs, & some serious, SERIOUS daddy/ abandonment issues. It’s been pretty fucking real.

Last year to this year I have come to the realization that I have an addiction to food. Food of all things! I find it quite funny but I see why. Food has always been a constant, & reliable comfort for me. I literally have a love/hate relationship with food. It sucks because I’m gluten intolerant & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE desserts. I will sneak food I’m not supposed to have. I will spend $ I shouldn’t spend on food I shouldn’t be eating. It can be just as bad as a drug addiction. Instead it’s sugar & carbs which sugar in itself is pretty much a drug. Let’s be honest. There have been times that I have done so well in getting myself to a place with my IBD/IBS & due to stress. My biggest trigger is feeling overwhelmed. It gets so bad. It’s almost a type of self harm that I do to myself. I think the biggest struggle I have is that I can acknowledge what I do & why I do it, I know it’s not good or healthy, & I still can’t stop it sometimes. #foodaddiction #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD

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Having trouble with overeating

I’m having alot of trouble with this since my Dad passed away in July 26th. I’ve been up all night and sleeping during the day, and literally every night I’ve gotten some kind of junk food through DoorDash. I added it up and in the past 9 weeks I’ve spent like $1,000 dollars doing this. I’m trying not to beat myself up or feel shame but it’s hard. I think part of it is I dont have much support in RL, plus I’ve often had problems with overeating in the past-usually when something happens that I can’t deal with, like losing my Dad. I did this when I lost my Mom too in 2013, but at least there was no DoorDash! I wish I’d never heard of them! But I guess even without them I’d find a way to get the food I wanted. Sigh....I wish I didn’t have this problem. Sometimes I eat so much I actually hurt my stomach, which is really bad because I have IBS, an ulcer, and an issue I cant name just yet-hoping my GI Doctor will figure out what it is.

I havent told anyone in my life about this, but I needed to get it out tonight. I feel really lonely right now and am trying not to beat myself up while also trying not to overeat tonite.

Its hard but I’m glad this site exists. Thanks for listening you all. Love you.

#ED #foodaddiction #Bipolar #ADD #ChronicPain /fatigue


Struggling #BingeEatingDisorder #foodaddiction #EmotionalEating

I’ve been struggling with food addiction, binge, and emotional eating for most of my life. My mom is an emotional eater and because of those tendencies and what groceries were in the house, I came into that as well. I did have a period of time about 8 years ago when I was the healthiest I had ever been. I was eating balanced and healthy as well as exercising and was able to maintain the weight loss for almost 3 years. Due to a move and change in routine, I gained all of that weight back over the course of 2 years. I’ve been struggling recently with food because I want to recreate a healthy routine like I had done before and get back down to a healthy weight, where I feel confident and comfortable in my own skin again. I have gotten in bad habits during Covid of ordering in and making unhealthy choices. I started intermittent fasting in July and have lost inches but not as many pounds. I find myself falling into the same temptations of ordering food through the apps and making not always the healthiest decisions on food while eating out or grocery shopping. When this happens, I binge because I feel like I’ve been depriving myself. Has anyone had a similar struggle or any suggestions to break the bad eating habits and create healthy long term habits during this unique time?


Hurting myself with food isn't much different then drinking

People wonder how I can so willfully hurt myself by eating food that I know will cause me to feel sick. I saw another part about someone drinking with breakfast to stress relieve and I thought to myself why don't you address your stress? There's nothing won't with drinking in moderation in my mind, but at the same time isn't drinking all the time because you're always stressed rather similar to me stress eating. My diet is super restrictive due to a lot histamine diet for MCAS and I get tired of eating the same old food all the time for months on end. I'm finally on a medication that should help me broaden the list, but I don't know if I'll ever be able to eat the average diet. I will probably never be able to go onto a full American diet. Every gathering with food is a test of my will power to stay on diet. Few people know how to have a gathering without food. I've learned to bring yummy snacks for myself that I save for special occasions and deal pretty well, but I yes I fall off the boat occasionally. Tonight was the first time my husband approached me about eating allergens in a way that was understanding. He told me he was concerned I might be over doing it, but he understood why I took a flying leap off the boat. It means so much to me to know he gets it. I told him I was planning on starting tomorrow back on diet, but that I just wasn't up eating my safe foods that number around a dozen tonight. Of course like any addict I have to make sure tomorrow happens, but I do feel like I can do it. #Depression #LowHistamineDiet #MCAS #AMastyLife #FoodAllergies #foodaddiction


Compulsive eating #52SmallThings #foodaddiction

Yesterday I came home from a treatment program that was a fail for me. I felt so defeated. Like it was my fault it didn’t work well for me. Like I was broken some how. So what did I do, eat and eat and eat. Sigh

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