It is raining #antibodies to all of the viruses people have been plagued with here. People are reporting #ActOfKindness between strangers; even in traffic!! The #Disabled are being shown respect. It seems #Understanding that Disabled does not mean Unable is in the morning dew. Those living with Chronic Depression are receiving free access to the proven magnetic field therapies available but that only the wealthy and highest executive packages could afford before now. Wait, breaking news, the acts of kindness have spread into neighborhood businesses, pharmacies and grocery stores. So many shut in for medical and psych reasons are able to get their needs met now without begging strangers or paying $15-25 dollars more than their driving counterparts.
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In My news, 12/2/22 I began with mean virus, immediately caught CoVID AGAIN, then Bronchitis & relapsed on that! All ONLY 3 weeks before MY neurosurgery through my NOSE=PAIN=FEAR!!!
Naturally I failed to dump a guy that I kept catching in stupid lies to me. My Complex-PTSD gave me a plump case of codependency & I wasn’t “actively living” my program!!. Turns out when I’m miserable, & in emotional flashbacks from childhood I get mean. We are broke up now. Seven (7) COVID’s did not land me a Partridge or a Pear Tree. Severe Long Covid did give me …get this one-Dysautonomia. AVOID. I could be depressed but I’m too numbed by fear & anxiety to know it. ***Let’s All Have Happiness whenever we Seek It‼️