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    The Ways Judy Heumann Impacted the Disability Rights Movement

    • "Judy Heumann, called the "mother of disability rights" passed away at the age of 75 onMarch 4th. Heumann famously said
    "I want to see feisty disabled people change the world."
    • "Judy was the first teacher who used a wheelchair in New York City.
    Judy fought for the rights of disabled school teacher, suing the local school board of education. This is a huge step not only for public school teachers but for all professions everywhere. Disabled people deserve to be in every occupation in every level of leadership."
    • "Judy changed the landscape for disability & employment laws.
    Judy was the first teacher who used a wheelchair in New York City. Judy sued the local school board of education when they didn't allow her to teach in her chair.
    This is a huge step not only for public school teachers but for all professions everywhere. Disabled people deserve to be in every occupation in every level of leadership. Judy set a precedent.”
    • “Judy worked on a federal level to make sure disabled people had equal benefits and opportunities at work.
    Judy organized a 10-city protest to encourage President Nixon to sign the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504). This act ensures that individuals with disabilities will have equal opportunities and benefits in the workplace.”
    • “Judy revolutionized equal access to education. Judy helped develop legislation that became the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). IDEA makes sure that students with a disability receive a Free Appropriate Education, which is designed to meet their needs."
    • "Judy worked towards independence for disabled people Judy co-founded the World Institute on Disability in 1983. The World Institute on Disability is dedicated to helping disabled people live as independently as possible.
    • "Judy Heumann's tireless efforts, protest and constant work helped establish the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law that protects disabled people against discrimination in all areas of life."
    • “Thank you Judy. Rest in Power.
    We will not forget the work you did to change disability rights forever." ##Disability #disabilitycommunity
    #DisabilitylsDiversity #disabilityawareness
    #DisabilityAdvocate #disabilitysolidarity #DisabilityReframed #disabilitysupport
    #inclusionmatters #Inclusion
    #InclusionRevolution #ChooseTolnclude
    #accessible #AccessibilityForAll
    #disabledaccess #AccessibilityMatters
    #accessforall #Disabled
    #RememberingJudyHeumann #ripjudyheumann #RIPJudy
    #judyheumann #Activism

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    The First Time I Used My Cane At School {And how I realized that I had nothing to worry about} #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder

    It's been nearly a year since I started using my cane regularly at school. Although I'm now able to use it with out feeling too anxious, that wasn't always the case. I remember when I first got it, it was in the middle of 10th grade. I had finally worked up the courage to take it to school....and I left it in my bag. I didn't even take it out, I was so terrified of someone seeing it.

    The summer break before my Junior year, I had MULTIPLE panic attacks just thinking about using it. It was the fact that people would notice me, and would be looking at me. That terrified me, I couldn't handle the thought of being noticed by others, even if for just a second. I already dealt with people looking at me due to my tics, I didn't think I could handle being looked at for another reason on top of that. Nethertheless, I knew I needed to bring it to school, I knew I that the benefits would GREATLY out way the anxieties I had. And so I did, I brought it.

    I was so nervous the whole week before school, infact I had a pretty huge breakdown caused by my stress and anxiety. Still, the first day of Junior year I brought my cane. And.....it went suprisingly well. There were a few stares, but they weren't as common as I thought. The few questions I got, were all asked by my teachers. No one was rude, or made me feel embarrassed to use one. By the end of the day, I had realized I had nothing to worry about.

    I go to a decent sized school. And there's a handful of students who also use mobility aids. I think that knowing that helped me a bit with my anxiety, and the feeling of feeling alone. Infact, towards the end of my first semester of Junior year, a student who also uses a cane transfered to my school. It turned out that they were my friend from middle school, who ended up moving. We became really good friends, even closer than we would be if we didn't both bond over using mobility aids.

    I'm really glad I didn't give into my anxiety, and that I still brought it despite the intense panic I originally felt. It has helped me immensely with dealing with the symptoms I deal with from my FND. Though I still sometimes feel anxious using it, it's nowhere near as bad or constant as it was in the beginning.

    I'm writing this to not only share my experience, but to hopefully help someone who wants, or needs to use their mobility aid in a more public setting for the first time, but is scared, to realize that although it can be scary at first. It will be ok. Even if people stare, and make rude comments it will be ok. Your saftey is hundreds of times more important than what others might think of you

    #FND #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #FND #Disabled #Mobilityaid #BabeWithAMobilityAid #Confidence #Disabledandproud

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    Healthy distractions

    Japanese flower hat jellyfish found in the West Pacific I find these creatures so amazing and beautiful.#chronicoain #MDD #Disabled #neurogenicmuscleatrophy #chronicalodynia #healthydistraction

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    Webb telescope

    Just imagine the great expanse of the universe and this telescope has captured thousands of galaxies. #ChronicPain #neurogenicmuscleatrophy #Depression #musclespasms #Disabled #healthydistractions

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    ☆ " So My Boss Think's That I Can Do Everything Apparently " ☆ #Disabled

    ° " So This Morning I Made A Complaint Against My Place Of Work... For No Accommodation's... I Had Them At My 1st Store... And An Amazing 1st Boss... My Second Boss Is Racist And She Think's That She Can Overwork Me Whenever.. Um New's Flash No... I Dread Going Into Work Everyday... Because Some Co-Worker's Make Fun Of Me And Are Racist Toward's Me... Like Wtf Did I Do To Deserve So Much Hate... From Everyone.. I'm Not Sorry That I Have Work Ethic And Atleast Show Up Everyday... From Day One I Knew That These Ungrateful People Don't Deserve Any Of My Help.. Currently My Boss Is Being Forced To Hire More People... Because Her Boss Is Constantly On Her. There's Saying's That She Might Get Replaced.. Because Of All Of The Good Hard Working People Quitting On Her Watch... I'm Currently Looking For A Happy Place To Work Less Stressed Out. Everyday I'm Verbally Abused By Customer's And My Boss.. And This Lady Just Doesn't Care If I Hurt Myself.. It's A No Wonder Why Nobody Want's To Work Anymore.. My Sciatica Was Extremely Bad At A Level 10.. That I Came Home Early.. I Was Litterly In Tear's... It's Sadly Manager's And GM's At Fault... " • #Workplace Abuse #Discrimination ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ S.K.▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎

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    Hope with new surgery

    Yesterday I met with my surgeon and after several MRIs he believes I would benefit from a lumbar revision surgery which entails removal of existing hardware and fusion from L2 to L5s1.
    Some of you may know my story I'm suffering from bi lateral neurogenic muscle atrophy and chronic alodynia I'm in pain 24 7. This surgery won't relieve all my pain but it will stop the the atrophy and with the help of full leg orthesis allow me to hopefully be able to walk again with a normal gait.
    I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time it will be my 5th lower lumbar surgery and my eighth spinal fusion I know post op will be brutal.
    I'm just so happy that this surgeon has taken in my case it will give me another chance at a better life and this time I won't put my health in jeopardy by over exurtion.🙂🙂🌄🤠 #ChronicPain #neurogenicmuscleatrophy #chronicalodynia #Disabled #Hope #Surgery

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    Radical acceptance

    I am 25 years old and suffer from fibromyalgia and about 5 months ago I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot. Essentially, I struggle with chronic pain, and for me it mostly effects my lower body. This includes; my back, knees, ankles, and feet. I was advised by the pain clinic to start using crutches a couple of months ago. But due to anxiety issues, I really struggle with this. I don't use my crutches outside of the house even when I really need too. Unfortunately, my pain has now reached a point where I cannot physically stand or walk AT ALL without the use of a mobility aid. I feel like although this has been a long time coming, I am finding it extremely difficult to comes to terms with the fact that my body cannot do what I need it too. I'm only 25 and chronic pain has left me physically disabled. I just feel like this is so unfair.

    If anyone has any advice at all about accepting the use for mobility aids I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read 🙏 #Disabled #Fibromyalgia #PlantarFaciitis #crutches #Mobilityaid

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    Pain driven days

    I wish my story would change but I'm a realist when it comes to my health and I know I'll be in chronic nerve pain for the rest of my life. I've been at it for 12, yrs and seven spine surgeries and I'm left with the kind of pain that is totally debilitating hindering my ability to walk. Even with the use of bi lateral KAFO my legs are suffering from bi lateral neurogenic muscle atrophy which only allows me to go a certain distance before the pain stops me.
    I can handle being hindered but not being hobbled and this is where my frustrations starts.
    #neurogenicmuscleatrophy #femoralnervedysfunction #chronicallodynia #musclespasms #Disabled #Depression #ChronicPain .

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    The Big News in Portland

    It is raining #antibodies to all of the viruses people have been plagued with here. People are reporting #ActOfKindness between strangers; even in traffic!! The #Disabled are being shown respect. It seems #Understanding that Disabled does not mean Unable is in the morning dew. Those living with Chronic Depression are receiving free access to the proven magnetic field therapies available but that only the wealthy and highest executive packages could afford before now. Wait, breaking news, the acts of kindness have spread into neighborhood businesses, pharmacies and grocery stores. So many shut in for medical and psych reasons are able to get their needs met now without begging strangers or paying $15-25 dollars more than their driving counterparts.
    What Is Your Fantasy News Report?
    Follow w/ yours if you want.

    In My news, 12/2/22 I began with mean virus, immediately caught CoVID AGAIN, then Bronchitis & relapsed on that! All ONLY 3 weeks before MY neurosurgery through my NOSE=PAIN=FEAR!!!
    Naturally I failed to dump a guy that I kept catching in stupid lies to me. My Complex-PTSD gave me a plump case of codependency & I wasn’t “actively living” my program!!. Turns out when I’m miserable, & in emotional flashbacks from childhood I get mean. We are broke up now. Seven (7) COVID’s did not land me a Partridge or a Pear Tree. Severe Long Covid did give me …get this one-Dysautonomia. AVOID. I could be depressed but I’m too numbed by fear & anxiety to know it. ***Let’s All Have Happiness whenever we Seek It‼️

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