A little over a week ago, I went to a funeral. I thought it was very important to be there for my friend . I even canceled a very important appointment. I'm glad I was there to support her but I ended up with COVID. This week my son is doing a big chunk of moving into his new apartment and I CAN'T HELP! His girlfriend is out of town for four days so she won't be around and my son is feeling so alone in this and is extremely stressed.

This is usually when I come in. I'm the one with the experience of dealing with stress and anxiety. I'm the one who understands and can speak to his crazy emotions.

But I can't be there. I feel so helpless and guilty. I should be there for him. The best I can do is provide phone and video support but that's pretty limited. I wish there was some way I could talk my way out of this one but that doesn't take away the COVID.

#Anxiety #beingamom #frustration #COVID19