In November and December I was admitted to hospital when I lost control of my own body.
To begin with, the doctors and nurses at hospital and my gp told me it was anxiety.... Until I ended up in a wheelchair...

Double vision, paralysis, couldn't hear or speak, numbness.... I eventually felt like I was just 1 single eye on a hospital bed.

A scan showed inflammation on my brain stem.
Things went from bad to worse, it got to the point that I felt ready to give up. I told my mum "by tomorrow I won't be able to speak anymore, so if this is permanent, I'm not doing it"
I came face to face with the possibility that I was going to lose my life, or at least my life the way I knew it.

From being pushed in a wheelchair, to walking up hills in my favourite rural spot, in just over a month, seems like a miracle, my life was handed back to me.
There's still a long road to full recovery and I'm not safe yet.

But I'm so thankful to the doctors and nurses who helped me.
In a strange way, I feel as though I've been given the chance to live with a new perspective.

And with this new outlook on life, I'm not looking back.

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