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Remember it will not always be this dark and it will not always feel this heavy. I am loved through this.

Today is weighing me down, and I needed to hear my mantras together. I hope if one of you needed to hear them, they help you.#PTSD #brainhealth #ChronicDepression #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness

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Nature at its best to sit, walk examine, smell , hear or jog in or collect specimens - it is a God given gift 🎁 to uncover the health benefit it is in your mental health and your 🧠 . Take the help ! Your / our wellness is important let’s bring back the Hope of Health in Nature - take care of all

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Ignoring disability challenges

Is insisting that someone who has speech impairments, cognitive challenges take part in a verbal interview discrimination issue?
Sunlife insists that I call them for an interview in order to continue my benefits. I have told them several times that I require written communication.
My lawyer says try to talk to them. My therapist says they are ignoring my health challenges.
I am fed up feeling less than because of my struggles. #brainhealth #TraumaticBrainInjury #Insurance #LTD #sad


Please read this

Hi everyone, I have been struggling with fibromyalgia for 6 years now. I had these two lovely People who have helped me so much and I can not thank them enough for everything they have done for me more than my own family. I would like to request you all if you have Instagram or know any friends and family please follow these two and share their pagem that's all I can do for them for now as my way of thanks. Please ppl

Once again plz my online family you know what's its like to have fibro but it's rare to find ppl who don't judge u & support u. Help me say thank you for believing in my invisbale illness #fibromaylgia #chronicpian #Jointpain #SticklerSyndrome #Insomnia #brainhealth #Introvert #Instagram #Facebook #help

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Fibromyalgia isolation

I'm struggling to talk to people. It's like I don't want them to know what I'm going through. Because they won't understand anyway as it's not visable. I can't face someone new because I'm tired of it and im scared of being judged. I don't want to seem like a oathertu person. Especially when I'm having difficulty in understanding things. I'm forgetting things I don't want to seem like a liar. So it's best not to talk or meet people. Just the people I know and that understand. But I don't want to burden them or seem clingy. What do I do. Isolate? The only thing I have is my son. I love him. No matter what I will live for him and be there for him because I never want him to feel lonely I want to be his support backbone and be the person that will be his best friend, mum and family. I don't want him to feel how I do. For that reason I need to fight this illness but just don't know how and I gets harder every day. #fibromaylgia #ChronicPain #IllnessAnxietyDisorder #Isolation #lonely #Migraine #BrainFog #brainhealth #Memory #Jointpain



My love,
My mental illnesseses cause me to struggle with my emotions inside, I mimic those around me. So when I say my love, I question.. are you my love? I think I love you.. but I never had a relationship that I let myself be so vulnerable in. I’m scared.. maybe to scared to allow myself to feel that. To keep that last wall up, just in case the other shoe drops. Because of my personality disorder I become those around me, and I can’t help to be a people pleaser. I love making others happy and I never really know what makes me happy. Am I happy? Some days are longer than others and I drag out of bed. The voices in my head are louder today and as I look in the mirror, I can’t quite tell if I am real? Who am I? I see all these versions but I can’t seem to tell who the real one is. So I continue with what an adult is suppose to do daily, or otherwise I am “lazy”, “no work ethic” or “wants everything handed to me”. People get hurt when I am not as talkative but if only you could hear all the voice in my head. Am I crazy? Should I be scared? What is wrong with me? Is this going to last forever? Depression sneaks in and don’t forget anxiety! So all this confusion, can I love correctly? Do I know how to love? Or will I always run from it because down deep i don’t think it is fair to make someone else live with this. I think of death often.. I think of self harm even more. I think I am happy but there is this weight in my chest and this voice that says “no your not”. So maybe by walking away.. is the real way to love you. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Psychosis #CPTSD #Anxiety #PanicDisorder #SocialAnxiety #Depression #SuicidalThoughts #Thoughts #brainhealth #meantalhealth

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This week has been hard mentally. I can feel myself slowly not wanting to do anything, even the small task of getting out of bed. I can feel the weight sitting on my chest and my stomach is in knots. I sit in silence not because I don’t want to talk but because I have nothing to say. My mind is blank besides “I want to be asleep”. This is when my body takes over and goes on autopilot. During this time my dissociating is on high, in other terms I was having an episode of psychosis. This is different than “daydreaming” or your mind just wondering. My episode made me feel like I wasn’t here on earth, I’m not apart of this world. I feel like I’m floating in space with every movement. Time does not exist or it has slowed way down, but the world around me is at its normal pace. Sometimes I can control the pace of things and slow or speed them up in my head. Then the voices start... not all are bad! And in reality I wouldn’t call any of them “bad”, some of them seem to be hurting just like me or worse. And I start to see things that are not really there. On top of this the burden of not doing the things I need to get done start to weigh in. I start putting myself down and it doesn’t help when everyone around you is waiting for your next move. Well I don’t know my next move!! I have never been “here” before, I have never lost my job... the way my name is being ran through the mud. Losing what I knew was home for 2 years. Almost losing all my stuff because they threatened to “burn all my shit”. They tossed me out like I was trash. When I was in the hospital I was excited and ready to get out and back to living my life! And I was ready to Celebrate my Life! But three days before I get discharged... my life as I knew it was gone... all because I reached out for help and ended up in the hospital. It’s sad I regret it all.. I don’t want to run from my problems... I have to much to do, but did I get discharged to soon? #MentalHealth #mentalhealthmatters #MentalHealthAwareness #brainhealth #deppression #BPD #behavioralhospital #Psychosis #Anxiety #PTSD #mylife #pushingforward #Notgivingup

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my last post wasn't anxiety at all

In November and December I was admitted to hospital when I lost control of my own body.
To begin with, the doctors and nurses at hospital and my gp told me it was anxiety.... Until I ended up in a wheelchair...

Double vision, paralysis, couldn't hear or speak, numbness.... I eventually felt like I was just 1 single eye on a hospital bed.

A scan showed inflammation on my brain stem.
Things went from bad to worse, it got to the point that I felt ready to give up. I told my mum "by tomorrow I won't be able to speak anymore, so if this is permanent, I'm not doing it"
I came face to face with the possibility that I was going to lose my life, or at least my life the way I knew it.

From being pushed in a wheelchair, to walking up hills in my favourite rural spot, in just over a month, seems like a miracle, my life was handed back to me.
There's still a long road to full recovery and I'm not safe yet.

But I'm so thankful to the doctors and nurses who helped me.
In a strange way, I feel as though I've been given the chance to live with a new perspective.

And with this new outlook on life, I'm not looking back.

#brainhealth #brainstem #neuroscience #neuro #live #Life #itsnotanxiety #bepersistant