° " So I Couldn't Sleep At All Last Night Because Of My Leg's Being Swollen And Having Tendinitis... Plus My Lower Back... My Ankle's.. I Have Already Worked 5 Day's This Week Alone.. Today Is My Day Off... And I Got Texted And Called By Her.. This Morning I'm In So Much Pain And Sore.. I Didn't Answer Nothing.. I Have Tomarrow And The Weekend To Work... It's Not My Fucking Issue's That They Cannot Run A Restaurant Properly Nor Not Have Enough People To Cover Thing's... I'm Not Your Little Savior Just Because Other People Don't Want To Earn Money... These People Haven't Given Me A Deserved Raise... Yes I Know.. But I Have Never Experienced Getting One... After Everything And The Amount Of Task's I Have To Do... I'm Looking For Another Job Currently And Plus Doing The Disablility Thing.. It's Very Time Consuming And These People Just Don't Care Or Get It... On How I'm Feeling I'm At The Verge Of Another #mental Health Break... And Now Finding Work Has Gotten Way Worse.. As In Intrusive Application Questioning... Like Polictical View's And Mental Health Etc... Like That's Nobody's Business... It's A Wonder Why Nobody Want's To Work. When Companie's Are Jumping The Woke Train... My Job That I Currently Have Is Very Time Consuming... Every Time I Try To Go Finish Or Start A New Task.. A Customer Has To Alway's Come In And Then I Get Yelled At For Not Attending The Customer's Quickly... How I'm I Supposed Clean Table's Take Out The Trash... Clean The Restaurant Etc... And Having A Supposed Work Life Balance Is A Total JOKE!!! #BlowingAFuse " ° #Thought 's ▪︎▪︎▪︎¤ S.K. ¤▪︎▪︎▪︎