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The Covert Nacissist

I have been reading a lot on narcissism because I am realising that most of my anxiety triggers are because of one person who seems to fit the description of a narcissist, or maybe they just have narcissistic tendencies, I don’t know, I’m still learning.

What I can’t seem to find is an answer to these questions; Can a narcissist ever change, if they chose to? Or, is it possible to live and love one and still be able to stay mentally sane, or a relationship with one is just doomed and likely to stay toxic? Please help. #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #confused # anxiety #Depression #mental health

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¿ " So I Had A Busy Day At Work... I Had A Panic Attack "? #Burnout

¿ " I Got To Work In A Good Calm Mood... And Once I Clocked Into Work At 8A.M. ▪︎ My Mood Was Trashed... Within A Minute.. My General Manager Is On Vacation And I Got Stuck With A New Assistant Manager That Doesn't Know How To Run Our Store... They Were So Behind On Order's And Didn't Have Anything Ready... I Alway's Have To Litterly Pick Up Everyone's Slack.. And It's Become To The Point Where I'm Going To Have Another #mental Breakdown... I Want To Leave This Pointless Job.. But My Main Boss Is Overly Dependent On Me... For Everything... And It's Starting To Litterly Break Me I'am A Human Being Not Thier Working Machine To Solve Everything For This Stupid Restaurant Who Can't Get Themselve's In Order And Organized...It Was Super Rough And A Nightmare. And The District Manager Is Supposed To Stop By With Other People For A Visit.. Back To Work Tomarrow... " ? #stressed #Depression #Anxiety ☆ S.K. ☆

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The masked face #alone # mask#Anxiety #mental health

We don’t give much credit to people who walk around with masks. That $#!+ is heavy❗️ #

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Dealing with Being Alone

Being alone means that there is no one who understands or accepts you to be with, being alone without your absence poses a threat to your and causes diseases as well.

Dealing with is not medicine or drugs, but rather its treatment is that changing something in your life is for you to do so.

Sometimes we need time to be with ourselves only, so that we clear our thoughts and become less tense. We need to move away from our sometimes in order to focus on ourselves, plan our lives properly, and be alone some of the time. There is no problem with that because we meet the one we love once. Then everything goes back to the way it was, here you have chosen to be alone for some time. The decision to be alone was in your hands and it was in your favor because it was a positive decision for Kez

If the decision to be alone was not in your hands, but rather it was forced upon you, then here becomes unhealthy for us, and it negatively affects us to feel even though you do not want it.

It is difficult and difficult to deal with easily, whether you feel in a or in your daily life, we will know why we feel in the first place and how to overcome loneliness.

#alone #mental health

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When someone hurts me it stays with me it doesn't just roll off my back. I've even been told to not be so sensitive,I can't help it. When your cut you bleed it takes awhile to heal,if it ever does. Emotional scars are no different. #Anxiety #Depression #mental pain

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2nd Shared Inspiration

I know that at times when it seems life feels to extreme my mind starts in with negative self-talk. In which I count my blessings daily so there's no room for negativity. This sticker reminded me that I am NOT that negative junk!
#daily inspirations #mental health and addictions #Recovery warriors #Rape sexual assault survivors #mental health memes #the bendy bunch

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What is the symptom of cutting?

Difficulties in relationships with others. Behaviors and emotions that change quickly and are impulsive, intense and unexpected. Talk of helplessness, hopelessness or worthlessness. Remember cutting is not the answer. The answer is to talk out your feelings to someone who cares. If you don't live around a person like that just send us a direct message or post what your dealing with in the comment section of any of the post.. and someone will respond to your comment.. we are all good about that here on Emotional Abuse Survivors support group#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #AnorexiaNervosa #Depression #Anxiety #Mania #mental #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #Bipolar1Disorder

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