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    ° " Sigh... I Really Hate My Needy Boss... " ° #overworked

    ° " So I Couldn't Sleep At All Last Night Because Of My Leg's Being Swollen And Having Tendinitis... Plus My Lower Back... My Ankle's.. I Have Already Worked 5 Day's This Week Alone.. Today Is My Day Off... And I Got Texted And Called By Her.. This Morning I'm In So Much Pain And Sore.. I Didn't Answer Nothing.. I Have Tomarrow And The Weekend To Work... It's Not My Fucking Issue's That They Cannot Run A Restaurant Properly Nor Not Have Enough People To Cover Thing's... I'm Not Your Little Savior Just Because Other People Don't Want To Earn Money... These People Haven't Given Me A Deserved Raise... Yes I Know.. But I Have Never Experienced Getting One... After Everything And The Amount Of Task's I Have To Do... I'm Looking For Another Job Currently And Plus Doing The Disablility Thing.. It's Very Time Consuming And These People Just Don't Care Or Get It... On How I'm Feeling I'm At The Verge Of Another #mental Health Break... And Now Finding Work Has Gotten Way Worse.. As In Intrusive Application Questioning... Like Polictical View's And Mental Health Etc... Like That's Nobody's Business... It's A Wonder Why Nobody Want's To Work. When Companie's Are Jumping The Woke Train... My Job That I Currently Have Is Very Time Consuming... Every Time I Try To Go Finish Or Start A New Task.. A Customer Has To Alway's Come In And Then I Get Yelled At For Not Attending The Customer's Quickly... How I'm I Supposed Clean Table's Take Out The Trash... Clean The Restaurant Etc... And Having A Supposed Work Life Balance Is A Total JOKE!!! #BlowingAFuse " ° #Thought 's ▪︎▪︎▪︎¤ S.K. ¤▪︎▪︎▪︎

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    Update #PTSD #DistractMe #mental health

    I WILL be going to watch my grandson wrestle tonight. I will either drive their car (taking the jumper cables, car is going into the shop next week) or I will be going with my daughter as her wife is having a terrible day at the school where she works. God is Good


    × " So Work Was Less Stressful For Atleast 2 Day's."× #mental Health

    ° " Worked 37 Hour's This Week... And People Love To Call Me All Kind's Of Name's.. My Sciatica Is So Bad At The Moment... Everything Hurt's Down To My Hand's.. So I Guess Now You Need Insurance To Get On Disability... Geez Make It Much More Harder To Get On... Don't They.. The Government Is Beyond Annoying Af... Anyway's My #mental Health Is Still On Month 3.. With No End In Sight... I Could Just Sleep Forever.. And Nobody Wouldn't Even Blink... But I Can't Because I Would Be An Even Bigger Disappointment To My Sibling's As It Is... " ° #MentalHealth Sincerely, •○○• S.K. •○○•

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    • " What's Happened To This App..?? " • #random 'sRunningWild

    ° " So I Have Been So Busy With Work Lately... I Barely Have Time To Post When I Can... So Last Night I Came Across A Rude Post Like Alway's... Again If You Don't Like What I'm Expressing Or Posting " DON'T READ IT... OR EVEN BOTHER TO LEAVE AN EXTREMELY RUDE COMMENT! "... That's Another Reason I Stopped Doing My Poetry.. Because Apparently Whatever I Write Or Experienced In My Life Or At Work.. Is Somehow Negative And Hurtful ???.. Look I Only Rarely Come On Here To Begin With... Just To Only Answer People I Know... I Will Not Be Made To Leave This App Just Because.. Random People Want To Be Troll's.. This Is A #mental Health.. App And • Freedom Of Speech • Come's Along With It!!! I'm Here To Help Other's When Needed.. Or To Express Myself And My Thought's..." • Sincerely, #Thought 's ☆S.K. ☆

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    Is this denial?

    I have been taking latuda for the past 2 years due to a bipolar diagnosis. I had what they call mania or hallucinations. I was going through a separation from my husband of 16 years & under severe stress. Now that I e worked through that bad time period I feel like the doctors made a mistake in didhnising me as bipolar. I feel that I was just under a lot of stress & handled it poorly. I have been stable the past 2 years & I want to stop taking the latuda due to weight gain & lack of energy. I’ve gained over 40 pounds & it’s making me very unhappy with my body to the point where I’ve cut down to one meal a day. Trying to lose some weight. I’m going to tell my doctor that I want to stop the latuda. I know he isn’t going to encourage it but it’s what I really want. I want to see if I can handle life on my own without latuda. Is this a bad case of denial or is this a normal feeling to have? I’m really struggling with it. I’ve read a lot in bipolar & I don’t truly believe what I’ve read fits me. #Bipolar diagnosis #mental health

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    Bipolar denial

    2 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder & I currently feel like I’m not really bipolar. I am on meds & have been stable the past 2 years. Now I feel like I want to stop taking my meds. I’m always tired, no ambition to do things, increased weight gain of over 40 pounds. I want my thin body back & my energy! At my next appt I’m going to tell my doctor that I want to stop the latuda. Is there anyone that can relate? #Bipolar #mental health

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    ☆ " Hey There! 👋 It's Been Awhile... Mighty Peep's " ☆ #CheckingIn

    ° " Well I'm Struggling With My #mental Health... And My Neverending Piling Task's Are A Drain... My #Depression #social Anxiety Disorder #Anxiety #PTSD ... Are On Overdrive... And Now My Boss Is Starting To Take Notice That I'm " NOT HAPPY " With Everything That I Do.... My Stress Is Making Me Lose My Hair... I'm So Tried All The Time... I Can't Get Any Proper Sleep... I'm Severely In Need Of Deep Sleep... People Give Me The Worst Panic Attack's.. Out Of Nowhere With There Rude And Entitled Additdude's.. I Alway's Get Yelled At For Other Co-worker's Mistake's Or Get Blamed For Something That I Never Did... I'm Just So F***** Tired .. I'm Trying My Best... Not To Break... And I'm Also Sorry For Not Posting Any Poetry Lately My Mind Is Blocking My Passion At The Moment.... " ☆ Sincerely , °SKADI KVITRAVN° #AnUpdate

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    Social Anxiety Disorder

    I was just wondering if there are any groups that are mainly catered to social anxiety disorder? I've looked through all the groups and I cannot find one that specifically is about social anxiety disorder. Any help would be greatly appreciated! #social anxiety disorder #mental health warrior

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    I’ve been dating a guy for 2 years and just found out he’s married! He got engaged right before we met then just got married in October. He was with me before and after his wedding!!! I’m in such shock I don’t even know what to say or how to handle a situation like this. I just feel so betrayed and I was only good enough as the second choice. I have extreme anxiety and this has put me into a very dark place. My soul is crushed. How can someone be so cruel and selfish? #Anxiety #cheating #mental abuse

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