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    I’ve been dating a guy for 2 years and just found out he’s married! He got engaged right before we met then just got married in October. He was with me before and after his wedding!!! I’m in such shock I don’t even know what to say or how to handle a situation like this. I just feel so betrayed and I was only good enough as the second choice. I have extreme anxiety and this has put me into a very dark place. My soul is crushed. How can someone be so cruel and selfish? #Anxiety #cheating #mental abuse


    ° " Welp! This Girl Is A Major Bully For Sure... And I Had A Semi Good Day "... ° #AnUpdate

    ° " So Today Was Dozen's Of Taco Boxe's All Day And Some People Eating In Or Taking Thier Food To Go... And I Also Had 1st Hand That I'm Not The Only One Being Bullied Thier's A New Girl That I Actually Consider A Friend... So The Bully Was Doing The Same Thing To The New Girl.. And We Have Also Found Out.. That The Rest Of Our Crew Doesn't Like Or Cannot Work With This Mean Girl Ethier... So We All Might Have To Band Together And Do Something... Because It's Getting To The Point Of Me Leaving... And I Would Hate To Lose My $11 Buck's Per Hour... Just Because Somebody Else Alway's Has To Be Mean And Spiteful Toward's Other's. She Has Also Litterly Asked Me If I Hate Her... I Don't Like How She Continue's To Boss Me Around And Other's... Now I Know Why She Saw That I Was Doing The Trash And Her Lazy A** Couldn't Be Bothered To Take A 3oz Sour Cream To A Table... She Litterly Hold's Up The Order's For The Front Line... Because All She Does Is Talk And Fool Around... And Distract's The Rest Of The Crew... And Also I Was Asked To Help With The Dozen Boxe's By My Male Boss... And I Was Helping Out... Until Miss Bully Pushed Me Out Of The Way... Because I Don't Do Thing's Correctly According To This Girl. LIKE W.T.F... How Immature Do You Have To Act... Just Because She Has To Be The Center Of Attention Alway's... Anyway's I'm Just Glad That I'm Not Alone In This Bullying Situation Anymore... It's Litterly Affecting My #mental Health... " ° #Thought 's ☆▪︎☆SKADI KVITRAVN☆▪︎☆


    Pessimism and my Bipolar Disorder

    While pessimism in something that only affects most people a small percentage of their life, for me pessimism is an everyday occurrence, one that control a majority of my day. Having bipolar 1 disorder with psychotic features causes my brain to operate most times on the highest level of pessimism. My brain likes to take the present and mix it with the future, my brain likes to present the worst-case scenarios in a manner that both debilitating and fear invoking. With my bipolar depression, my brain can only see the worst case scenario in my current struggle. My mind keeps telling me that on November 16th my life is over. No matter how hard I try to divert it, it still focuses on the pessimistic view of the future. I often find myself telling myself why do something because it is not going to matter because in under three weeks you will lose everything and be going to prison for a very long time. Everyone around me acts like the best case scenario is going to happen which is both refreshing and disappointing at the same time. It kills me every time someone talks about something we are going to do past November 16th. My dad was talking about our Thanksgiving meal this year and it hurt me because I don’t know if I will be around then and because my dad could be alone on Thanksgiving.

    Extreme pessimism is a real thing with bipolar disorder and it is something that can make an already debilitating disorder even more debilitating. It is a horrible thing to hear people talk about a great future when your mind is stuck on the worse course of events. The pessimism that goes along with my bipolar disorder has also started presenting with a twisted future where people are better off and no longer being brought down by me because I committed suicide. Lately suicide is becoming to look like a better option each and every day as I struggle to see the value, I bring to anyone’s life.

    #BipolarDepression #Bipolar #BipolarDisorder #mental #Depression #Anxiety


    Just checking in ❤

    Please feel free to use this post as a check in on your feelings. You can vent, give a shout out, ask for prayers, share great news, anything! If you felt unheard, unloved, alone or maybe even happy but no one to share it with, I'm here. #Love #mental #Talk #support #checkin


    How do you make these big decisions #mental health

    The last 13 years I’ve worked as a self employed contractor. It’s an ok job, can work from home, not great pay. Now wondering if I should take a big step next year and go back to study. It will be hard financially and maybe mentally, but maybe a way to help others which I’ve always wanted to do. It’s a full time course for one year in health and well-being and can branch off in either social services, mental health and addiction support or community facilitation. I’m a bit of a procrastinator and I really want to help others, but can I do this and see it through. I’m sure I have adhd, but maybe if I get it under control I can do this. Or just stay safe but not entirely happy at my current job. Any ideas would be appreciated.


    Men in the closet

    Are we still in the centuries where we believe that men are strong, that they don't cry. Have we accepted that also men can be victims of abuse such that they need help. Have the ancient rules changed or we have to change them. Most men are living inside the closet because they are scared to be laughed at or being looked down upon once they voice out.

    Let's discuss what's you view about men in the closet.
    #mental health



    steer clears of negative blog post, to steer clear of the hateful and harmful comments from Happy Sparrow. But, I feel this post need to written. Today, in my newspaper an article about me was written about having an upcoming court hearing, which instantly bring fear of the wrong person seeing it and the repercussions. This is the second time I have appeared in the paper with my legal struggle caused by mental health. The thing that kicked me in the stomach was someone from my court hearing the other day, that was there for a domestic dispute in their driveway with a neighbor was plastered on the front page of the newspaper. This article painted him to be a horrible person. This made me realize that I will one day soon be front page news again. It’s a horrible thing that the media destroys the lives of people just trying to get on with their lives and better themselves. There is no remorse from reports making these horrible stories isn’t front page once enough. Back to my original comment about appearing in the paper today. I got messaged from people that haven’t talked to me since it occurred telling me that I am in the paper once again. It’s a sad thing that people that must be like this and pound more ridicule into someone that is already down. They say you must find strength from adversity, but it isn’t always the easiest thing to find. My mind keeps trying to figure out plans to deal with that final stake that will soon be pounded into my metaphoric coffin by the media. It says in the bible that, “Thee who is without sin cast the first stone” but you know no one that condemns me is without sin. The bible verse that reminds me that it is best not to seek revenge and to strengthen through the struggles and judgement is the bible verse, “ Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and wit the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    #Judgement #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #mental health


    ♤" I'm Just Way Too Nice And Too Kind For People... Weather It's On Here Or In My Life " ♤ #DeepThought 's

    ☆" I Guess I Just Don't Understand Anyone Anymore.. I Waste My Time And Energy Way Too Much.. On Trying To Help Everyone.. I Don't Have To It's Not My Job.. But We Don't Have Any Proper Care... For #mental Health Of Any Kind... I Try My Best To Being Smile's To Everyone On Here... But Then Again That's NOT My Job.. People Sure Do Love To Take Advantage Though... Aka Fake People And Scammer's... All I Wish To Have A Decent Meaningful Friendship's... I'm Tired Of The Random DM'S... From Creep's... I Feel So Lost And Broken... Extremely Exhausted... All I Want Is To Just Cuddle Up In A Ball And Cry... I Feel So Alone In This World That's Violent And Unpredictable At Time's... " × #DeepThought 's ☆ SKADI ☆


    ☆ " My Last Post Please Do Not DM Me.. If I Don't Know You.. If You (Random People) Keep Doing It.. You Will Be Reported × Blocked" ☆ #LastPost

    ° " I Wasn't On Here To Cause Any Issue's But Then Again Everyone Assume's Quickly.. And Jump's Ahead... I'm Not Going To Be Answering... Any Message's Only People That I Regularly Talk To On Here.. The Comment's Are Getting Alittle Negative On Here.. And It Hurt's... But Whatever That's Your Opinion Not Mine.. I'm Honestly Just Done Explaining What Happened... Some People Can't Be Helped Plain And Simple... And I'm Not A Doctor... I Don't Have A Degree But I'm Only Good With Word's... And My Personality... And If Nobody Can See That.. Oh Well That's Not My Issue I Have Tried. I Try To Become Friend's With Everyone... But Sometime's People Are Not What They Assume To Be... And Use #mental Health.. As A Tool. I'm Pretty Disappointed... In Human's At The Moment. " ☆ ° SKADI KVITRAVN ° #Last Post



    I found your response Saturday night. Having to learn new tricks 😂.
    I am grateful for your DM offer.
    You and your DIMPLES rock me. #Depression #Anxiety #mental Health
    I was with a person today that said: you kept me going last winter when I was struggling and I want to thank you. She was PROUD of my efforts!
    You do so much for me and the mighty family 😊. Please don't GIVE UP on ME !
    I'm still learning how to maneuver the mighty.