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° " Sigh... I Really Hate My Needy Boss... " ° #overworked

° " So I Couldn't Sleep At All Last Night Because Of My Leg's Being Swollen And Having Tendinitis... Plus My Lower Back... My Ankle's.. I Have Already Worked 5 Day's This Week Alone.. Today Is My Day Off... And I Got Texted And Called By Her.. This Morning I'm In So Much Pain And Sore.. I Didn't Answer Nothing.. I Have Tomarrow And The Weekend To Work... It's Not My Fucking Issue's That They Cannot Run A Restaurant Properly Nor Not Have Enough People To Cover Thing's... I'm Not Your Little Savior Just Because Other People Don't Want To Earn Money... These People Haven't Given Me A Deserved Raise... Yes I Know.. But I Have Never Experienced Getting One... After Everything And The Amount Of Task's I Have To Do... I'm Looking For Another Job Currently And Plus Doing The Disablility Thing.. It's Very Time Consuming And These People Just Don't Care Or Get It... On How I'm Feeling I'm At The Verge Of Another #mental Health Break... And Now Finding Work Has Gotten Way Worse.. As In Intrusive Application Questioning... Like Polictical View's And Mental Health Etc... Like That's Nobody's Business... It's A Wonder Why Nobody Want's To Work. When Companie's Are Jumping The Woke Train... My Job That I Currently Have Is Very Time Consuming... Every Time I Try To Go Finish Or Start A New Task.. A Customer Has To Alway's Come In And Then I Get Yelled At For Not Attending The Customer's Quickly... How I'm I Supposed Clean Table's Take Out The Trash... Clean The Restaurant Etc... And Having A Supposed Work Life Balance Is A Total JOKE!!! #BlowingAFuse " ° #Thought 's ▪︎▪︎▪︎¤ S.K. ¤▪︎▪︎▪︎

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Need moral support #overworked #depleted #exhausted #achinglegs #wornout

I am a hospital staff person. I work my soul off helping the old, the young, the dead , the dying. The kind people the rotten ingrates. The lovely ones and the grabby handsy ones. No matter who no matter what I give 150% to help. It’s so hard.everything hurts from my soul to my legs I see so much sadness so much tragedy so much pathos. I had a terribly difficult night. I need to get up and start my day. It’s hard . #notjustcovid #COVID #Sadness #tragedy #humanity #Caregiving #HealthCare #respiratorytherapy

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It’s that time again!

Give me bad advice! Things you always get told by people who just don’t get it 🙄 🤦🏻‍♀️

I’ll start - in regards to mental health, get over it. Choose happiness. My response is usually hmmm I’m sorry but I can’t choose to not have a chemical imbalance in my brain.

Caregiving can be taxing and exhausting. Exhausted, overworked brains lead to anxiety in my experience. You almost feel guilty for being tired and not yourself so you overwork instead.

Sound off below with your bad advice experiences and let me know if you’d like to know more about Caregiver Burnout 🔥

#Caregiving #overworked


How do you get rest if there’s no time?

I find I’m feeling overwhelmed with work, home, health slowing me down (arthritis and trying to lose weight feels little a daily battle to) but I digress. My job has me super busy and I’m falling behind and stressing every minute of the day. Work tells us to practice time management (which is a joke when you have one client stealing your time from others). I know I should practice relaxation and giving myself a break; but how do you when there’s too much to do and not enough time in the day (left exhausted and in pain). #overwhelmed #overworked #Arthritis #Pain #Stress #Anxiety

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I want my ‘old’ brain back! I am the night... thanks nightmares. Cute bat tho!

Argh. I hate my brain most of the time. Like I literally have blank holes or thought I did something and I then I didn’t. I’m really getting tired of it. I’m self employed with my husband and a lot of the paperwork for the business falls onto my lap. I’m having a hard time keeping up. Even when I make detailed notes I somehow don’t believe I’ve done the task. I’ve reached out to experts in certain areas where I’ve needed help or reassurance. Even when I consult with experts or have a third party completing the tasks, I still feel completely uncomfortable. I am planning on taking at least three weeks off in February. I will talk to my psychologist this week about my frustrations. It’s just all too much sometimes.

The nightmares have been terrible. Just truly terrifying... I can’t even explain how they haunt me in my day to day. I started prazosin for nightmares but get severe hypotension... so that drug is a no go. I am going through trauma processing right now in therapy so I’m not surprised my anxiety and depression are amped right now. I’m not making excuses but I also don’t give myself the room for less than perfection. I haven’t been on the Mighty that much because that is what I do when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. I hide. I hide from everyone.

I really just want to be free from these diseases. I want my brain back. I don’t think I will ever have full function again - thank you PTSD, but when will it ease up? It makes me scared to think that my brain will be like this for the rest of my life.

Thank you for listening. Love you all

#Depression #Anxiety #Nightmares #overworked #exhausted #PTSD


I have a younger sister that will be 20 this year. She has never had a job. My parents always make excuses for her not to work. I'm just wondering why

I was made to work construction every summer starting at the age if 13. I have always had a job and more than one ever since that age. I currently have four jobs and work seven days a week. But, my parents look at this as something I'm supposed to do. My parents, especially my mom, always have an excuse for her not to work. Know just trying to understand why or if I'm over reacting to this. #overworked #confused #unfairtreatment #why

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decent weekends

so this weekend was pretty good but it is over and I have to go face the world again. I swear I am not recovered from last week. geez...🤦‍♀️ #Sarcoidosis #overworked #needsleep #PCOS #Depression #Work


How do you handle C/PTSD triggered at work? #PTSD #CPTSD #trigger #AnxietyTriggers #Work #PanicAttack #PanicAttacks #Anxiety #Trauma

I have experienced different types of abuse and #Bullying both in and out of the workplace.

I also work in an office that develops workplace training materials, where we discuss a lot of interpersonal conflict situations. Ironically, or perhaps predictably, there are plenty of situations at work that trigger my trauma symptoms.

I used to pride myself on being able to keep things together, at least on the outside, and have a high-achieving reputation before my chronic health issues. In the last couple years, I’ve felt a lot of embarrassment, shame, lack of control, and self-resentment over not being able to stabilize what I didn’t realize at the time was largely my untreated CPTSD. Whether it was a happy life event like my engagement, sad like one of the multiple deaths of loved ones passed in a year, crippling like the bottomless misery and fog of my confounding conditions, or reasonably stressful like being chronically #overworked and malnourished... I used to bottle it all up, huff the hashtag of #FirstWorldProblems when trying to forewarn others and objectively state what was partially on my mind, suddenly overreact to a trigger in front of others at work, and spend a lot of time loathing myself and ruminating on what I should do next to repair my reputation. My personality has changed a lot, and although I’m coming to terms with not needing to be a former self to a tee, I’m still working on that balance of explaining to help others understand as much as they need, valuing my own need and right to privacy, accepting that not everyone will understand no matter how or what you choose to say, and just being a somewhat “normal” person at work with PTSD lingering under the surface without a directly foreseeable end. I’m doing the work and know it will take time, and will hopefully be a worthwhile journey to lifelong recovery.

So, you’ve read a bit of my story. Have you ever broken down at work due to triggered panic or trauma? Do you have advice for how you bounce back? How do you deal with #Relationships at work in this regard? And are there helpful questions or tips you’ve solicited from your therapist related to this that have shifted your approach for the better?

Sending you all peace and healing. Thanks!