During a very difficult childbirth, they hurt me putting in a second catheter. They kept making concerned faces at each other bc I told them of my latex allergy. The second one wouldn’t go in without two nurses and it was excruciating. After discharge from hospital I tried to heal at home but this pain was worse than childbirth. I have had over 38 kidney stones and this was just wretched. I go to my 6 week checkup and she finds a swollen lump inside one place where it hurt so she referred me to a urologist. The one before wasn’t helping me and this one was nice but still couldn’t help me. I finally get in to have an X-ray and an mri here it is in October after waiting since June and they come back saying I do not have a bladder diverticulum after all and don’t know why I’m struggling from these things besides finding out I have yet another kidney stone this whole ordeal has flared my fibromyalgia and chronic pain not to mention affect every aspect of my life. I got a bill in mail for the mri and X-ray they were $4,320.00 and $884. So now I have even more debt, still struggling, wasted time with all this and it’s months later and still no one can help me with any aspect of my health. Still waiting for someone to help me in pain management, I still waiting for this motorized wheelchair, and still living in an average of 8-9 on pain scale. #Thisismylife #Fibromyalgia #MedicalBills #MedicalTrauma #Cananyonehelpme #helpneeded