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Supporting a loved one who is ill

Supporting a loved one who is ill is a new and precious part of your relationship. As you embark on a road trip to wholeness, you will grow with that person.

@Read more:

If you feel helpless or stuck I invite you to contact me and make an online or in-person appointment today!

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Nightmares and Pain-Somnia

All last night I had Nightmare after Nightmare. Mum woke me this morning, I was screaming in my sleep.

I wish I knew what was causing them this time. Normally they occur when about a week after I come off of pain medication (oxycodone specifically). But I haven't been on anything other than my standard medications for over 2 months.

I have a hard enough time sleeping normally (thank you pain-somnia). I have to listen to soft instrumental music to get to sleep at all. Now I am afraid to go to sleep tonight! 😮‍💨

Guess it will be a case of just staying awake until I simply cannot keep awake any longer.

Wish me sweet dreams? Please?

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Between the cracks #Gastroparesis #MedicalTrauma #ChronicIllness

I am experiencing what many chronic illness patients face...falling through the cracks of healthcare. I have ideopathic gastroparesis with intractable nausea. I have failed all conventional treatment modalities. When I flare (n/v/d), it is up to me to get the standing labs my dr has available, to make sure I am safe to stay at home. It is often up to me to review the lab results and seek appropriate care. I have managed to survive despite the healthcare system. Why do drs want to give up on patients who are hard to treat? Why does it take a serious complication to get care? How is an ER md going to know how to treat a complicated chronic illness patient? Its a completely demoralizing system and an isolating scary experience.

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British writer Maeve Boothby O'Neill died of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and it has led to an inquest:

I'm particularly ill tonight so I'll keep it short.

Everyone w/ M.E. and all our allies should be following this story. The Times of London covered it, too, but their feature is behind a paywall, so here's a free version in Devon Live.

Physician abuse and/or neglect of persons w/ M.E. kills.


"During the pre-inquest, Maeve's family called upon assistant coroner Deborah Archer to hold an Article 2 inquest to consider whether systemic or policy-based failures could have caused her death. Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights protects people’s 'right to life'.

Mr O’Neill told the coroner that Dr Hemsley was describing 'a failure to protect not just Maeve’s life but the lives of those, like Maeve, with severe ME'.

He said: "This was not a case of a local hospital being unable to treat a patient with a particular and unusual illness. This is a nationwide failure to help ME sufferers. This is the very definition of a major systemic failing.

“In my view, this is an admission that there was a breach of the duty to protect someone who was in the care of the state … That breach, in the form of an admitted inability by the NHS to provide care, led directly to Maeve’s death."


Death prompts Devon hospital chief to speak out on 'ignored' illness

Day 3 of 365

#MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #cfsisamisnomer #Disability #pwme #physicianerror #MedicalTrauma #Britain


Death prompts Devon hospital chief to speak out on 'ignored' illness

We highlight the case of 27-year-old Maeve Boothby-O’Neill on International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3)
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