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Can anyone relate?

Has anyone have the experience of having other voices, mostly critical voices, being experienced as other people you knew in your past, or know in the present, or people from brief encounters that impacted you in a negative way? It's like I do not experience them as my own.
As a child I lived feeling watched in my own home and in private, by pictures or photos of people in them. Like I could not hang in my bedroom pictures or posters with artists in them.
Now that I am an adult is more internal. And even if for a very brief moment this happen now, I just ignore it because I know this is silly. I consider myself a daydreamer, always have. #canyourelate ?


Hard Day - #canyourelate #Depression #Sickandtiredofbeingsickandtired

Today has been really challenging for me and I seriously need to vent. I'm so sick of health issues and constant pain. I feel like I cannot take much more of this. It all feels like a repetitive cycle that just won't break no matter how much I need and want it to. I feel just so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Can you relate? What are you all struggling with today?