Hello people, I'm a 34 yr old bloke currently recovering from a pretty severe bout of burnout, courtesy of life long anxiety and a super stressful and unsuportive contracting engineering environment. As people know burnout takes a bit of recovering and I'm trying to evaluate this time round for myself whether I switch careers/work to live better, so I'm not consumed by the anxiety /worry at work. It consumes my life when it's bad and I'm just wondering from other professionals out there who may have suffered the anxiety/burnout/depression triple combo, whether they have pursued a career change to something either low stress or an alternate career path suited to their proclivity to experience anxiety across their life? Did the change make your life better overall? Or did the same issues with your health still pop up in the new space? Are there certain jobs or careers where people with anxiety traditionally thrive? I'm back at work currently in a reduced capacity, but don't really want to be in honesty. It's like I don't want to be doing this. But life and bills, and I don't know what else I could swing to without encountering a similar set of circumstances. It's a catch 22 with anxiety as you inevitably are perceived to be avoiding situations by leaving them. I just know I want to find my place where I thrive at work and am happy and can contribute meaningfully and also build a meaningful life for myself around and outside that job. Finding what that is is the hard part. Be interested to hear peoples experiences good bad or otherwise. Any tips or advice would be muchly appreciated. #Anxiety #Burnout #Depression #careerevaluation #careerchange