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    Is there ever a “right time” to begin something new with a chronic illness?

    Hello all! I have a question: Is there ever a “right time” to begin something new? I’m in recovery from depression and am doing very well. It’s been a long, hard battle coupled with several autoimmune diseases. Mentally, I’m doing great, and physically, I am holding steady. I’ve been on disability for a little over two years now and am considering accepting a job helping coordinate care for very ill children. It would be a job that I would feel extremely passionate about, but I worry about my disability. It is full time and is described as being very busy, but has a supportive staff to help. It’s also a sit down job, so I wouldn’t have to worry about physical stamina as much. I just worry that it will be too much or I’ll find myself unable to do it someday and I worry. What are your thoughts? #Disability #careerchange #TooSoon ?



    I attended a workshop on graphology few weeks back and I had a major emotional breakdown in front of 100 ppl across my country.. so I took up the certification course for the same .. and was you know imagining a conversation about a trait and was wondering how will turn out I know it's weird I do it alot ( it makes me memorize easily lol) so... My mentor said one sentence in the workshop to me
    " what are you doing with your career and that you are playing with your life"
    I usually don't think about things like this also because it gives me the amount of anxiety which definately results in panic attacks and then a week of body pain and what not.
    I realised I have become forgetful.. you know..
    I have been forgetting so many bad memories that I think I am not able to learn from them.
    I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Or even if I should be worried about it or not...
    I think I am letting go of things very easily yk...
    What do you say should I do something about it or should I leave it as it is .. ?
    #CheckInWithMe #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttack #careerchange


    Professionals with #Anxiety, burn out recovery and career

    Hello people, I'm a 34 yr old bloke currently recovering from a pretty severe bout of burnout, courtesy of life long anxiety and a super stressful and unsuportive contracting engineering environment. As people know burnout takes a bit of recovering and I'm trying to evaluate this time round for myself whether I switch careers/work to live better, so I'm not consumed by the anxiety /worry at work. It consumes my life when it's bad and I'm just wondering from other professionals out there who may have suffered the anxiety/burnout/depression triple combo, whether they have pursued a career change to something either low stress or an alternate career path suited to their proclivity to experience anxiety across their life? Did the change make your life better overall? Or did the same issues with your health still pop up in the new space? Are there certain jobs or careers where people with anxiety traditionally thrive? I'm back at work currently in a reduced capacity, but don't really want to be in honesty. It's like I don't want to be doing this. But life and bills, and I don't know what else I could swing to without encountering a similar set of circumstances. It's a catch 22 with anxiety as you inevitably are perceived to be avoiding situations by leaving them. I just know I want to find my place where I thrive at work and am happy and can contribute meaningfully and also build a meaningful life for myself around and outside that job. Finding what that is is the hard part. Be interested to hear peoples experiences good bad or otherwise. Any tips or advice would be muchly appreciated. #Anxiety #Burnout #Depression #careerevaluation #careerchange

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    I’m 24, I was a nurse and now I understand I can physically no longer do this. Any advice from others on new career paths? I feel lost! #Fibromyalgia #Pain #Nurse #Career #help #lost

    I’m at a crossroads and am doing working with OT, PT, and a pain specialist to get back to work, but I feel like I no longer know who I am. I have no desire to go back to nursing. I feel lost. Any advice? Anyone changed careers? #ChronicPain #young #HealthAnxiety #Work #Jobs #careerchange #MyofascialPainSyndrome #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #vitamind #Osteoarthritis #Osteomyelitis #MyofascialPainSyndrome #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #ChronicIllness


    The Captain Part II #MightyPoets

    My sailboat has often drifted at sea
    Trusting that the divine winds and currents
    Will drive me to my next destination
    It’s been the experience in all my occupation docks
    I only had to motor into port
    When it was already in sight

    I hear the stories of other travellers
    Some lived their whole life like this
    And seemed at peace with whatever destination arrived
    Others motored with purpose towards specific ports
    Still experiencing peace with the wind at their backs
    And still others were spoiled for choice
    Knowing wherever they landed, the God of peace would be with them.

    Right now, it seems like my drifting
    Keeps me in the middle of a barren ocean
    And when I motor ahead
    I’m beaten back by the wind and the waves
    I’m sure that there are unseen currents
    Slowly pointing me towards a new country
    I can see it. Faintly.  I know its name in a general sense,
    But I have no clue on where exactly I will make landfall,
    Let alone dock or make my home.

    I may be spoiled for choice.
    I may have to trust like Abraham.
    Called from known home to journey to an unknown land
    Trusting in the Divine Guide
    To lead me safely into sheltered harbour
    But right now I need safety
    From the storms and waves of uncertainty + doubt.
    The ones within along with the ones without
    I need the Lord of all to shout.
    “Peace!  Be Still!”

    © Mark Bryant