While I’m thrilled to see progress, and it’s clear we’re going in the right direction...It feels like it’s going to take A LONG time to see any real change.
(**I mention Chuck E Cheese not to point them out on their own, they in fact are one of the first family fun type restaurants to do this, but for the most part “sensory friendly” hours have become the GO-TO for many companies looking to include the autism community.
I just want to point out that there are SO MANY OTHER WAYS to accommodate the community! **)

It’s great to see that they are recognizing the Autism community but..Chuck E Cheese at 9AM on a Sunday Morning for 2 HOURS, Once a month?
A lot of Autistic kids have sleep issues, in turn, a lot of parents don’t have the energy to wake up early to visit a fun restaurant (do they even serve breakfast?) for a two hour visit. (when even getting the child comfortable with the space can take an hour or longer.)

I hate to be unappreciative of their efforts, I’m TRULY thrilled that they have recognized the need...I just feel we have a long way to go..❤️
There are so many ways we can make places like this accessible for longer periods of time...if not during regular business hours.

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