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    Building Muscles & Self Esteem in Kiddos

    Fun & Functional Heavy Work You Can Do At Home! Every child has their own unique way of viewing and interacting with the world. This includes individualized responses to sensory information. Basically, everyone reacts differently to the “stuff” life throws at them. Children with sensory processing challenges often need a special sensory diet to help their bodies find that just-right engine. These activities can help all children and adults too!

    Check out Dr. Amy Wheadon's latest blog:

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    Trying to find a replacement for bras

    I used to enjoy lingerie at one point and prided myself at being able to find comfortable and sexy stuff. I also had my workout stuff. Now any bra is exceedingly painful to wear, even some camisoles because of my midback. I experience fibromyalgia, pinched nerves, benigh hypermobility, chronic migraines, sensory issues. I personally don't feel the need to wear a bra, but I don't want to look like I am going to poke someone's eye out either. Has anyone else come across a comfortable solution to this problem? Unfortunately I am sensitive to adhesive as well. #SensoryIssues #Fibromyalgia


    Might lose my marriage because of my sensory needs?

    Posting because there’s no one else I can talk to about this.

    My wife loves animals. Shes very empathetic towards animals, especially pets. Her dog passed away almost two years ago from old age, and she was distraught for months. Because of my illnesses and disability we can’t really take care of a dog, but we decided to get a cat last august mostly for my wife, but also so I’d have companionship during the day.

    The previous owner says she was chatty, but I didn’t realize what that would actually mean for me. This cat meows constantly, incessantly, all day, and it is sensory hell for me. I’ve told my wife it feels like someone is hammering a railroad spike into my brain.

    This sensory hell has led to several meltdowns for me (I’m autistic) which then lead to a flare up of my illnesses. In a desperate moment, I said to my wife that I don’t know how we can keep the cat with the pain her meowing causes me. It’s literal torture.

    My wife said that she didn’t want to have to choose between me and the cat, and that it would usually be a dealbreaker in her relationships. It was heartbreaking to hear that I’m on the same level as a cat for her and that I could potentially lose my relationship over something that I can’t help.

    So I’ve been dealing with that for a while, and it’s making me want to die. Not actively, but just, the dehumanization of it, and not feeling safe and secure in my home or relationship. I’ve been dissociating regularly since that conversation and whenever she’s brought it up since then.

    She does research, now, on sensory pain, not because she cares about my well-being but because “she wants to keep me and the cat”. And it’s especially gross because she’s not researching how she can make things less painful for me. She’s researching medical treatments for sensory issues, which is all kinds of problematic, and then able-splaining my SPD to me.

    The whole situation is horrible and I’m left wondering if I want to be in a relationship with someone like this, but as you guys know, even if I wanted to leave, it’s not that simple. It’s unlikely anyone else I found would be more understanding, plus she is my carer and she financially supports me. Without her I’d be homeless and destitute and without care. Plus I love her very much. Just, as a disabled person, I have to think about these things. Ugh. # autism #actuallyautistic
    #SensoryProcessingDisorder #SensoryIssues #Fibromyalgia #FunctionalNeurologicalDisorder #neurologicalpain

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    Go to foods...

    Sometimes making meals and eating can be difficult due to sensory issues or our tics just making us spit out our food or throw it or other things like smashing it. Things the artist does to help her eat is she eats toast a lot and subs meals with smoothies and nutritional shakes when she has to. Sometimes it's the exhaustion from ticing that just makes you too tired to eat as well, especially from an attack. Sometimes your abdominal tics make you sick and after that, it's hard to force yourself to eat because eating will just make it worse. Other go-to foods are things like cheese sticks or oatmeal or pancakes. She eats gluten-free and low sugar as it helps her feel better but each to their own. What are some of your go-to food for when you really don't have the energy to eat?

    Go to Ticed Off Adventures website for more comics linked below!

    #TouretteSyndrome #ticthealien #TicDisorders #SensoryDisorder #SensoryIssues #SensoryProcessignDisorder #Sensoryfriendly #eating


    anyone else have this reaction to florescent lights?

    so i am autistic and have sensory issues more on the extreme side.
    but my light sensitivity tends to get in the way alot as when i go into a store with alot of florescent lighting my body immediately heats up like i am having a fever.
    i also get a migrane quickly and tend to go into sensory overload very quickly as well.

    anyone else experience this?
    #Autism #SensoryIssues


    Feeling on the verge of a panic attack because I need my first COVID swab #Anxiety

    I work in health and we have just bought in weekly swabs for precaution. I'm absolutely terrified. I hate my nose being touched, to the point I hate oxygen nasal prongs. I'll be getting it done at work and I'm scared of having a panic attack, there's a lady from work I really don't like and I don't want her doing it.

    I'm scared it will hurt and of the sensory feelings.

    #Anxiety #PanicAttack #ADHD #SensoryIssues #COVID19

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    #Anxiety increased because of changes

    Is there anyone else who fear the unknown? I live in Minnesota and during COVID closures and changes with everything I’ve had a lot of changes in providers for my mental health. Even just this year a lot’s changed and I get told I’m coping well, but I feel like most days I’m really not. Now with things changing now the way services are being provided when you just started getting used to it some, it’s like increased anxiety but all it’s situational.
    I struggle with having to wear a 😷 still in certain places that I have to. Now coming up sometime next month I might have to change from telehealth with my therapist, that I just got the beginning of this year because of insurance I had to change again. But I’m scared about going in person meeting therapist first time in person and most likely will have to wear a mask the whole time during session.

    #SocialAnxiety #Autism #SensoryIssues #ADHD #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder


    What Some Mom Chooses to Ignore #SensoryIssues

    I’ve always been the black sheep of my family. My interests are vastly different from those of my family, and that only adds to communication problems between me and my parents, especially Mom.

    I have a neurological condition known as Spastic Cerebral Palsy. It’s a condition involving damage to the cerebellum and thus affects certain normally automatic functions of this region such as muscle tone and balance.

    Mom spent years with the goal not to help me cope but to cure me through rigorous stretching, surgery, and medication. In pushing me past my limits, she traumatized me. (Strict discipline only exacerbated matters.)

    With a little about me and my Mom to give context, now, I can get to the title and hashtag of this post. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had trouble with auditory overstimulation and through research found it to be a possible effect of the brain damage that causes my CP.

    The best way I know to explain it is to imagine trying to run a particular program on a computer that doesn’t meet the requirements for the program but comes close enough to run it. The computer struggles with lag, freezes, and sometimes even crashes. My brain is like that computer. Feed it too much audio input or input of any kind, and it crashes and must reboot before function can be restored.

    My Mom lives under the impression of this being nothing but a gasp for attention, a farce only existing in my mind. However, she ignores obvious signs to the contrary: visceral reaction to sharp or unexpected sounds; agitation; anxiety; and, in extreme cases of prolonged sensory exposure over my threshold, disassociation.

    Every time I attempt to explain así have done here, she ignores what I understand as a desperate and obvious plea for help on my part.


    Fidget toys #Anxiety #SensoryIssues #Neurodiversity #Autism #ADHD #OCD #FidgetToys

    Hello! Just ordered my first fidget toy: a fidget cube. I'm very happy and I hope it will help me. What are you favourite fidget toys?

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    What Fidgets Toy do you have? #FidgetToys #SensoryIssues #Autism #MentalHealth

    Tiny Defination of Fidget toy ❤️
    My own - A Fidget or Fidget Toy is where small object that helps you with sensory issues by moving round in your hand, touch,hearing or sight.
    What is your Fidget toy if you have one?
    #MentalHealth #Autism #SensoryIssues #CheckInWithMe