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Life Hacks

Please share anything you guys have come up with too, to save us from reinventing the wheel 😅 You never know how much your idea will help a fellow spoonie...

That being said, the red thing is something I get from my OT to help grab things or hold things. The cheaper alternative is rubber shelf-liner. It can keep dishes and cutting boards from moving around, and help grip bottles when trying to take lids off.

#Spoonie #Lifehacks #Accessibility #adaptive

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Life Hacks

Hairbands or rubberbands are a dignity-saver for days when I can't hold onto silverware, or the silverware is too thin for me to hold. This is particularly useful when going out to eat to avoid making a tremendous mess trying to hold onto a utensil and keep food on it. #Spoonie #Lifehacks #Accessibility #adaptive

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Life Hacks

I lack fine motor control so holding onto stylus, pencils & pens. My son cut ¾-inch PVC into ⅝-inch pieces. I take 2 pieces and loop a hairband, or a thick rubber-band, and loop the PVC pieces around the stylus. #Spoonie #Lifehacks  #Accessibility #adaptive

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Share your experience with accessibility at work or school.

What was your initial gut reaction to this graphic when it popped up in your feed? Surprise? Anger? Apathy? Validation? A little bit of everything?

Here’s a question we ask ourselves a lot at The Mighty: How are disabled folks supposed to reach their full potential when their surroundings are inherently inaccessible — or even outright harmful — to them?

When we asked our community if their workplace or school is accessible for people who live with migraine, 49% of folks who responded to the poll said “No, if anything, it’s actively harmful,” and 36% chose “Meh, there’s room for improvement.” That’s 85% of responses to our poll! Only 5% said their workplace or school is fully accessible.

We’ve got a long way to go.

To learn more about the impact an accessible workplace or academic environment can have on a person’s life, listen to the most recent episode of Health and (un)Wellness:

#Migraine #Work #School #Accessibility #Disability #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #RareDisease #MentalHealth #Fibromyalgia #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Anxiety #Depression

Migraine in the Workplace

Listen to this episode from Health and (un)Wellness on Spotify. In this week’s venting-sesh-turned-productive conversation, Kat and Skye are joined by headache specialist and executive committee member of the International Headache Society Global Patient Advocacy Coalition (IHS-GPAC), Olivia Begasse de Dhaem MD, FAHS. Together, they discuss why people with migraine struggle to succeed in the workplace (spoiler alert: it’s not them), how others can support them, and tips for requesting individualized accommodations. Oh, and in case you’re curious of the episode’s general vibes: People with migraine want to work, but often can’t due to inaccessible workplaces or lack of flexible career opportunities. Thanks for coming to our TED Talk! Head to The Mighty for a transcript of the episode and to read related stories:
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What's your positive news this week? Little steps or large, let's encourage each other's journeys bc we're #MightyTogether

After one email to public works, they surprised me by putting in two accessible concrete cut-outs and sidewalks to make our local park more accessible! So proud! Inclusion feels wonderful.

#MightyTogether #Accessibility #MultipleSclerosis #Disability #ChronicIllness #newlydiagnosed #Caregiving ##Depression depression

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How do you serve your community in a way that works for you?

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is fast-approaching here in the U.S. This day also marks a National Day of Service, during which we answer Dr. King’s call to serve our Beloved Community.

Community service, especially as it’s most often depicted, is not always accessible, however. Just like our Mighty community has to do with a whole host of things, we also have to find creative ways to perform community service.

Here’s how some Mighty staffers give back to their communities in ways that work for them:

🌳 “I love planting trees, but I make it more accessible for myself by sitting while I do it and using ergonomic tools.”

👖“My son and I volunteer at our town's ‘Freestore’ to help staff the store on shopping and donation days, which helps support the giving and sharing economy (as well as helps the planet by keeping items out of landfills). Since he has a physical disability, we make sure he has access to a chair to sit when needed, and we ride our cargo bike to the store since walking there would be painful for him. Pre-pandemic we helped on a hunger task force by making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for unhoused people in the community.”

What are your favorite accessible ways to serve your community?

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

For some ideas, check out these Mighty stories:

10 Ways to Give Back to the Medical Community if You Use MLK...

World Health Day Reminds Us That Climate Justice, Climate Ch...

#CheckInWithMe #Accessibility #MentalHealth #ChronicIllness #Disability #RareDisease #Parenting

World Health Day Reminds Us That Climate Justice, Climate Change, and Health Care Are All Connected

Climate change has already made its mark on global health. Here's how.
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What was your 'going public' moment like? (with walking aids, ADA parking, accommodations, etc.)

What was your first experience like? On my way into work, I'd stopped at a secondhand store and bought a wooden cane. (I was so awkward, I used to kick it out from underneath me while I walked!) I would lie that it was an old football injury. Inside I felt isolated and cold: I didn't want to look at anyone.

This is prompted by Senate candidate John Fetterman interviewing on NBC News using a captioning device, but it is NOT political. However you feel politically, this was something that took courage to do. Tell us about your courage, your fear, your accommodation moment. Thanks for sharing, Mighty family.

#Stroke #Fetterman #AAC #Accommodations #Accessibility #MultipleSclerosis #Depression #newlydiagnosed #MightyTogether #ChronicIllness #Disabilities #Caregiving #Disability #Support

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In honor of Disability Pride Month, check out our collaboration with Yelp!

Our editorial team is proud to present this exclusive list of the 50 best wheelchair accessible restaurants in the United States (from Hawaii to North Carolina), produced in partnership with Yelp:

🍕Here’s how Yelp’s data scientists came up with the list:

“We identified businesses in the restaurant and food categories, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning those keywords. Businesses must have the wheelchair accessible attribute selected to be considered. To ensure geographic diversity, we limited the list to 3 businesses per metro area. When available, all businesses on this list have a passing health score as of July 8, 2022.”

To our knowledge, none of these small businesses claim to be perfect locations for patrons using wheelchairs by any means. All they did was make every effort to meet the requirements for accessibility, informed Yelp that they were prepared for diners using a wheelchair, and proceeded to provide food, ambiance, and customer service that made Yelp users go wild for their offerings.

It is our hope that each restaurant on this list, same as all establishments that are not, will join all who care about disability rights in continually striving for better.


#Disability #Accessibility #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #Spoonie #DistractMe #CerebralPalsy #MultipleSclerosis #EDS