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Making an apartment more accessible?

I was finally awarded disability and I’m trying to stock up on helpful items. I have hypermobile Ehlers Danlos, POTS, and a few other things that limit my mobility. I have a shower chair and that’s about it. Anything you’ve done that has been helpful for you for mobility?

#EhlersDanlos #mobility #Accessibility #apartmentliving

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Can’t ACCESS treatment!

The only available treatment for my 16 year long battle with a secondary autoimmune neuropathy is unfortunately inaccessible to me due to:

- insurance not willing add it to its coverage guidelines yet

- out of pocket cost being $9.7k/infusion.

According to my doctor, I need these infusions for at least 12 months to start.

This is what medical exclusivity looks like.

I live every day with neuropathy burning me from the inside out, which is quite literally hell and I cannot access treatment.

#AutoimmuneAutonomicNeuropathy #SmallFiberNeuropathy #autoimmune #treatment #Disability #Accessibility #access

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Happy National ASL Day!

<p>Happy National ASL Day!</p>
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Community Voices

I don’t use any kind of mobility aid (though I’d probably benefit from one), so I sometimes question if I’m deserving of accessible spaces. For example, if I ever wanted to go to an event like a concert, I probably wouldn’t be able to get accessible seats. I can walk, but I can’t walk or stand for very long and I really struggle with stairs. But since I don’t rely on a wheelchair, I wouldn’t want to take a spot from someone who really needs it or get in trouble for not “needing” an accessible seat. A lot of times, I end up deciding it’s not worth the fuss and I just don’t do it. But each time I have to decide something based on whether my illness will allow it, a piece of my heart breaks. So, if anyone has advice on how to navigate the gray areas of accessibility, I’d love to hear it!

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Subtitles on YouTube, how to make larger? #Migraine #Accessibility

Hi everyone! I have trouble with small print due to my vision and because it's a migraine trigger. Usually I just listen to things on my phone, but sometimes I want to watch something not in English or Spanish which are the only languages I understand well, so I have to use subtitles. But on YouTube they're tiny on my phone. Anyone know how to make them bigger? Thanks 😊

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Accessibility is not settling for someone else doing a half-assed job; it is finding something that enables you to get things done in a way that meets your expectations.

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Community Voices