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How do you celebrate the good times in spite of your trauma?

Last week I read this beautiful story by Maya about how celebrating a birthday was bringing up a lot of feelings for them.

What Helps Me in Celebrating the Good Times Despite Trauma

They decided to do a project on Facebook documenting one decade at a time of their lives to share with their friends, focusing on those who were positive influences. It turned out to be a wonderful celebratory experience.

I wonder if this kind of project would help me not only connect with some positive feelings, but to remind myself of better times.

Is this something you would try? Why or why not? Have you done something similar? I'd love to hear about it!

#Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #Celebrating

What Helps Me in Celebrating the Good Times Despite Trauma


Birthdays and Chronic Illness...Let's Break Free! #Birthdays

Are you celebrating a birthday or about to approach your Special Day? Are you excited or wanting to run away?
In my latest article I'm sharing how I break free from expectations and celebrate "chronic illness" style. I'm having my own birthday revolution and you can too ❤🎈

#Birthdays #Celebrating #ChronicIllness


#Celebrating accomplishments

Spent the day out of town attending a certification seminar with some of my colleagues. We are enduring an interesting weather front here and I’ve for sure been feeling it. Despite the added discomfort I still passed the certification exam. Yay! Told my wife that meant I was certifiable, but then she already knew that. I’m now a certified Google for Education Administrator.

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