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    Inspirational quote and thoughts about my journey with chronic pain/illness so far…

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and costochondritis about 11 years ago. It has been quite a journey with lots of trials, tribulations, tears of sorrow/pain/fatigue, feelings of loss, defeat, helplessness, and hopelessness. But what this journey has taught me over the years is ‘life (however it is now) is a matter of perspective’.

    Fibromyalgia and all it’s associated symptoms changed me and my life to the point that I could not identify with ‘who I am today and what my life had become’! I just could not get over the sense of profound loss - losing my identity (who I was), independence, career, hopes, dreams, physical health, emotional well-being, family relations (especially with loved ones who could not never understand/empathize/support), etc. However, I have reached a point in my journey, where I have learned that life does not ONLY have to be about pain, misery, sorrow, self-pity, anger, frustration, and being in a constant state of agitation.

    Life can ALSO be about consciously choosing to be hopeful, graceful, and grateful; choosing to see the light at the end of the seemingly never-ending, dark, scary tunnel; choosing to see, feel, and experience the beauty, joy, laughter, and love in the smallest of things; and most importantly striving to develop a sense of peace, calm, and acceptance about how life IS rather than how it should have been.

    This journey has not been easy and I don’t expect it ever will be, but I am happy to see it progress from ‘I just can’t do it/take it’ to being a ‘cautiously optimistic and hopeful work-in-progress! Stay strong my fellow-spoonies and never lose hope! You all are amazing, strong, courageous, and so worth it!!

    #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Costochondritis #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #spooniesareawesome #StayStrong #choosehope


    Inspirational quote about choosing hope

    Whenever I go in a depressive and/or self-pity frame of mind during some of my worst fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue flare ups, I try to look for some inspirational quotes or self-affirmations to help pull myself out of that downward spiral. This particular one has really stayed with me -

    “Self-pity comes in the beginning. And it does recur. But what you begin to say to yourself, instead of ‘What life do I have?’ is ‘What life can I build?’ And the answer, surprisingly, is, ‘More than you think.” - Christopher Reeves

    Hope this helps someone out there today #Fibromyalgia #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness # staystrong #choosehope

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