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If Your Illness Means You Constantly Have to Pee, These 12 Memes May Make You Laugh

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There are lots of reasons why you might need to pee more than the average person. From interstitial cystitis to a side effect of your condition or a symptom of a medication you’re taking, needing to urinate a lot, unfortunately, happens. Even your mental health can play a role in increased trips to the bathroom — be it “anxiety poops” or pee.

Needing to pee constantly isn’t always linked to a health concern, though. If you are pregnant or have given birth, you may notice bladder-related changes. Regardless of the reason, it can be frustrating to feel as though you have no say over your bathroom schedule.

While you might not have much control over your bladder, you do have some control over how you feel about it. Yes, it’s totally natural to be angry or frustrated but sometimes it can help to just throw your hands up in resignation and laugh. If laughter is a helpful coping mechanism for you, check out these pee-related memes.

1. When you sit down on the couch, then immediately have to get up to pee.

cartoon dog on sofa need to pee
via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram

2. When you didn’t think you had to pee, but now you do.

didn't have to pee before we left
via Pinterest

3. When someone doesn’t get the hint you need to find the nearest restroom.

boo monsters, inc. need to pee
via Pinterest

4. When you convince yourself to leave your bed to go to the bathroom.

need to pee simpsons
via Pinterest

5. When you have to make multiple stops while driving.

pee on road trips beer commercial
via Quick Memes

6. When you need to pee, but have to wait before you can go.

patience is gone meme
via Pinterest

7. When the closest restroom really isn’t close at all.

dog needs to pee rain
via Pinterest

8. When you need to pee as soon as you get home, but have to unlock the door first.

bolted front door
via Pinterest

9. When you’re trying to decide if staying hydrated is worth it.

need to pee while working
via Pinterest

10. When you can’t decide if you really need to pee or if you’re just so used to always peeing that you think you have to pee.

overthinking spongebob tv show
via Pinterest

11. When needing to pee means having to use the worst public restrooms.

public bathroom gap

12. When you’re thirsty and then realize after you drink some water that you’ll need to pee a lot later. drink too much water need to pee

via Pinterest

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Originally published: August 15, 2019
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