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    Any tips for watching young kids all day when dealing with severe migraines?

    New here to the mighty! Recently graduated with my masters degree as a new father who has been dealing with and experiencing chronic migraines most my life. My partner is a gem and has been watching our son from home while working from home and while looking for a full time job, having both a blast and a challenge watching our son and spending more time with him. He’s so fast strong smart and adventurous and just turned 8-months, ahead a couple months on milestones. He’s crawling, standing up on his own and I bet walking any day now but this week has been a really rough one with migraines, my partner and I recently found out we’re expecting and dealing with postpartum and 1st trimester fatigue and I am trying to watch him even more than usual after she gets off work to help with this.Gratefully, he is getting much better at sleeping longer and in his crib 8-10 hours a night.Any tips for watching independent and adventurous little ones when struggling with migraines during the day? I meditate a lot and focus on showering myself with self love and compassion and patience when powering through but finding it especially hard when he doesn’t want to be held but is speeding around grabbing and touching and balancing off everything and I feel I need to shadow him so doesn’t bump his head, get into the cat food,etc. Any tips would be appreciated and to any fellow parents with chronic pain, I hear you,I support you and I’m so proud of you 😊!! #Parenting #chronicmigranes #self -love, #breathwork