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¿ " Why Are There Part's Of Life.. That When Meeting Human's It Get's Tricky " ? #self Awareness #Depression

× " People Will Sometime's Cross A Path... And Then In Trying To Get To Know Them. That Start To Become A Very Bad Influence On You. I Was Slowly Becoming A Drinker Myself. Good Thing Is That My Anger Issue's Were A Huge Warning Sign... And I Wanted To Get Back To The Chick That I Was Before. The Kind One.. Not The Mean Person That I Was Morphing Into. So I Needed To Change It Before Thing's Got Worse. I'm Back To Myself And My Heart Doesn't Feel Heavey And Dark... My Spririt Is Free Again... " × Sincerely, ☆S.K.☆ #Thought 's

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I have not been very successful in doing this. I have always shown others patience and kindness at the expense of my mental health and self-worth. I perceived it as being selfish to put my needs or wants before others #Kindness
#self -care

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I don't know what to do

I have a sister, I know she self-harms, and seem suicidal, she doesn't talk about it and I have no idea how to help her, most her life she's struggled with weight, asthma several other chronic illnesses, and her up bringing wasn't the most healthy one, now I'm really scared for her but I don't what to do, I have been having several ugly(I'm not suicidal) moments myself I'm an emotional wreck , I feel drained and I feel like I have been pouring from an empty cup for so long but I somehow need to gather the strength to be there for my sister but it will probably leave me at a worse state, I haven't had proper sleep in days, when I do manage to sleep, I cry myself to sleep. After all this i need to show up at work,and be there for everyone else.There's really Noone to turn to now, the family dynamics are just too complicated #self harm, #helpless #Depression #suicode

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☆ " Evolve And Be F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S... " ☆ #Poetry #self -Love

° " As The Insane Year Of 2023 Come's To A Close... I Have Learned That Every Human Being Has Personal Issue's That Are Not My Problem... But Then Again Everyone Feel's The Need To Become Very Negative About Everything Nowaday's.. For No Real Reason... I Have Just Learned To Just Walk In My Own Energy... And Also My Self Love Is Still In Progress... After 3 Year's Of Wondering... Why My Marriage Ended.. It Was Because We Weren't Right For One Another All Along.. And Grew Apart... So Yeah I Was Hurt And Angry... Broken Etc... But One Thing Is For Sure That I Learned A Huge Lesson In My Life.. That I Can't Change People They Have To Do It Themselve's... And With My Ex-Husband... Being Diagnosed With BP 1... I Have Come To Study And Learn Alot... I Truly Love Helping Other's In Need... Weather It's With My #Poetry Or At My Job.. It Make's My Heart And Soul Feel Free And Pure... " ° #Poetry #self -Love ☆ S.K. ☆

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From having brain surgery almost 2 months ago I developed a second blood clot in my right leg on 14th July. Im on blood thinners (Ixarelo 15 mg twice a day). I haven't had my period as yet. Its 37 days since my last one. Is this normal .
Im normally 22 days. This i think is affecting me emotionally, Im having anxiety and want to hurt myself (another story) #self harm.

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I have been self harming since 11 I need help to stop but your scars are beautiful never hide them#Scars #self #harm

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I feel like everything I do makes my family's life harder. I feel like the people I care about need me out of their lives.
I'm worried that me voicing these feelings is affecting my kids. I'm worried that my in-laws will kick me out ratted than deal with me.
#Depression #Anxiety #SuicideIdeation #Selfblame #self -hatred

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