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How has the #COVID19 pandemic affected your healthcare?

I’m a writer who has a congenital birth condition that requires a lot of intervention to keeps me alive. I am putting together a series of articles together about how this virus is affecting people like us... Short supply of medical equipment, medications and all the limits you have to deal with. Whatever you say will be completely anonymous if you want it. #Vacterl #chronillness #TheDisabledLife

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Body Image and CF

#CysticFibrosis #BodyImage #chronillness #adviceishelpful

hi everyone,
i have cystic fibrosis and was just wondering if anyone else in the community has issues with seeing themselves as “too skinny”. I know that may sound weird but with always wanted to gain weight and appear bigger, I’ve developed this unhealthy relationship to my body. even though I’m at a pretty normal weight and BMI, I find myself looking at my reflection and seeing a skeletor figure look back at me. everyone I know says I look completely normal but I never feel normal. as a kid I always used to be extremely underweight with my cf, always being told to “eat more” or that I’m too skinny. and I guess that’s never really gone away. now I can’t even shower without breaking down because I’m so disgusting at what I see. doctors aren’t even concerned at all with my weight but I just have never found anybody to relate to as I usually only see people with the opposite problem, seeing themselves bigger than they are. if any of you can relate at all with body image and chronic illness, please let me know so I don’t feel like I’m alone in this anymore.