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Advice on Mirtazapine

hi all, I’ve recently been prescribed the above.
first I’m tried this, anyone else taken this and have any experience they can share? did it help? #Depression #Mirtzapine #adviceishelpful

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How to gain my spunk back? Is there something I should be doing or is it just going to come on it’s on naturally?

im having a hard time standing up for myself. I really don’t know what holds me back but I go mute when it comes to me standing up for myself and allowing others to know that I am force to be reckoned with. I used to be so bold and that’s what eats me up inside the most, not bc I fall silent. I am a passenger in my own life and I’m trying to get back in the driver seat I just don’t know how or if I am making any progress. #SocialAnxiety #Depression #adviceishelpful


Body Image and CF

#CysticFibrosis #BodyImage #chronillness #adviceishelpful

hi everyone,
i have cystic fibrosis and was just wondering if anyone else in the community has issues with seeing themselves as “too skinny”. I know that may sound weird but with always wanted to gain weight and appear bigger, I’ve developed this unhealthy relationship to my body. even though I’m at a pretty normal weight and BMI, I find myself looking at my reflection and seeing a skeletor figure look back at me. everyone I know says I look completely normal but I never feel normal. as a kid I always used to be extremely underweight with my cf, always being told to “eat more” or that I’m too skinny. and I guess that’s never really gone away. now I can’t even shower without breaking down because I’m so disgusting at what I see. doctors aren’t even concerned at all with my weight but I just have never found anybody to relate to as I usually only see people with the opposite problem, seeing themselves bigger than they are. if any of you can relate at all with body image and chronic illness, please let me know so I don’t feel like I’m alone in this anymore.


Toxic Friendships

Has anyone ever had a mentally draining friend Like they pretty much just turned crappy one day and tend to use you rather than actually being your friend I have one of those right now and she is severely hurting my mental health. I wish I could just let myself stop talking to her but I can't. For some reason I feel like I have a responsibility to help her even though I know I don't. Does anyone have experience with something like this or have an advice #toxicfriendships #adviceishelpful

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“Me” time.

Everybody has a different idea of relaxing or time that they take especially for themselves. For a long time I have really appreciated silence. I think coming from a chaotic upbringing and having that attraction for many many years has made me really appreciate being alone in my own solitude. Not that I don’t love being with people that I love but I’m the type of person who needs a lot of my own space it benefits me more than anybody and for that I am grateful to be able to take time for myself when there was a time where I could never be alone I was scared to be alone I was not comfortable with myself ever but now things are very different. I have a very high stress high demanding job with many questions many demands many obligations and requirements that are actually draining physically and mentally so when I get home I am almost ashamed of how much I just want to be alone because I do feel bad for my family but I just never get a minute to myself which I’m sure everybody feels like but lately I’ve been really contemplating the importance of it. I hope everybody knows that being alone is OK because I know a lot of the time silence It’s not OK it is not what you need but we find what we need along the way as long as we follow the right signs I think will be OK. #adviceishelpful

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Insomnia? Wired!

I've been very on edge for two months now. I actually forgot what it feels like to be calm. My family tells me I've been a bit loco online too. I feel like I'm here, there, and everywhere. Not to sound too Dr. Suess. I'm actually having trouble sleeping at night (again! I had trouble when I was a child as well.) Luckily, I have more resources to help with the sleep issue but it doesn't feel like enough. No matter how tired I am, no matter how busy/overwhelming my day is, I'm back to listening to ASMR or ocean sounds, completely tense with no sleep. The latest I've been up is 2 am. Right now, it's 12:30, nothing. I've cut down on caffeine, tried different lullabies, ASMR (as mentioned before) along with ocean sounds. I have an appointment with my shrink after he comes back from his vacation. Any advice to hold me over until then is appreciated. #Autism #Anxiety #Wired #Insomina #adviceishelpful