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You can become whole again.

I became the object of a sexual predator at 14. This was 1963. A small town, the predator was highly regarded. This continued for a year. Finally he was “ Caught “ by someone who, I’m pretty sure, knew I was not the first girl. I was beyond frightened, had no where to turn. My parents were told. It was never ever mentioned or discussed. I lived with this until I was 37 years old. How I ended up with a psychiatrist is not relevant. The doctor was a gift. He explained everything to me from what happened, my parents disregard to what had happened in my mind that had resulted in the debilitating panic and depression.I had spent those 23 years thinking all of the horror was my fault. By this time, I was having panic attacks, major depression, with children 4 & 9 years old. Needless to say, it took years of counseling and medication before I was finally free of this #sexual Predator and his actions having had a stranglehold on me emotionally and psychologically. Yet-I am proof you CAN #Come out the other side !


I miss you mom and I love you even more

I wish she was here and I can’t even remember that last time I saw her bc the day of the accident I was knocked unconscious and I wasn’t even at her funeral bc I was in the hospital #HeartMoms #I miss you mom #YourHolidayMom #Come back pls

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