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I am so afraid of going back to work. I have been on medical leave of absence since jan 19 of this year. With this new fear of how are people going to treat me when I come back. I am trying to prepare myself for whatever may come, but I can't seem to get the anxiety and worry down. I have to figure out alot like how many hours can I work and how often? Any advice will be of help. #Anxiety #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Worrying #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Advice


Worries and Fear

My anxiety always throws a wobbly when I worry and live in fear about losing my parents. I'm so close to them. I even choose to live with one and 4 doors down from the other so I can be close as I'm always so anxious about them. My mom is 69 and my dad is 71 so they aren't young. My mom has Parkinsons disease amongst other issues and time is flying by. They seem to be getting older so fast in front of my eyes.
I'm nothing without my parents. They are the only ones that know me, have my back and always there. They are my world. I just wish I could stop intensely worrying about losing them. I live in fear everyday. I try and be in the moment. Be mindful. I just can't seem to stop.
Does anyone else have these fears ??
#fearoflosingalovedone #Worrying


I can’t stop worrying

Hi all. I recently was in a car accident, I hit a deer and it did significant damage to my vehicle. I am completely fine, and I am very thankful that it was not a serious accident.

I can’t stop worrying about my vehicle. I am getting it fixed soon, but I’m just devestated by the accident. It’s a brand new vehicle that I have only had for a month that I’ve been saving for a long time. It just hurts me so bad that this happened. I know that these feelings will fade, especially after it is fixed, but it is hard to deal with. I don’t know how to stop worrying. #CarAccident #Worrying #Anxiety



So I got some bad family news yesterday and had to comfort my mom who is the eldest of her siblings there were 5 now there are 4. She lost one of her brothers a few years ago to lung cancer and yesterday she got the news that her youngest brother needs a heart transplant. His heart is working at 10%. She cried the whole day and tried to talk to him but he is in denial about his health. His wife cut him off from her insurance so he wasnt able to take his heart pills which kinda had something to do with his diagnosis he also had open heart surgery years back and is a chain smoker which doesn't help. He's also going through a very bad divorce and not even his own daughters care for him. I dont know how his son from another marriage will take this news. They had a falling out a few years back but now they are close since his ex wife and daughters dont want anything to do with my uncle. So that's my vent/rant. I am worried. #Worrying #Family #afraid

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Election Anxiety is Real But Doesn’t Have To Be Crippling #Anxiety

The next few days or weeks may be challenging on several fronts for ALL of us. You - and we together - are capable of meeting challenges and solving problems.
#Anxiety #worry #Worrying #Uncertainty #Fear #certainty #strong


#Anxiety #worry #Worrying #courage #control #Selflove

Worry is your call to action.

What can you change?

What can you influence?

Do that.

To worry without action robs you of control and your valuable time.

Worry fleas from courage which you have plenty of

You just need to find it

YOU'VE GOT THIS! and you have the support of this community. Much love!
I fight every day, I get tired, loose hope, I find hope and love and joy. It's a rollercoaster I know, but it can be a gift too. I'm finding my creativity and it is healing. These are my diagnosees.  #Bipolar1Disorder #PTSD #ReactiveAttachmentDisorder #Addiction #Anxiety


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Moving house

My partner and I viewed a house today and we loved it, we are sending the application off tomorrow.
My, anxiety, is, sky, high, already lol!! If I dont laugh I'll cry..
We havent even been accepted yet and the move is sending my already jumbled head into a spiral.
Wish me luck Mightys #Movinghouse #Anxiety #Worrying #reassurance


Trying not to worry...

My psychiatrist called me today (on a Saturday). He is retiring in the next two months. He’s helped me out of my darkest place twice now. I’m really worried about being out of his care after he retires. I know it will be ok but I can’t have my primary care doctor look after my psychiatric needs. Been there done that... it made everything worse especially with medication. I hope I can get a referral for a new psychiatrist quickly. Wish me luck. Then I hope it is one I’m compatible with. Eek. #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #Medication #Worrying