Hi everyone, I'm new here and a bit nervous about sharing too much or too little. But here goes!

I'm a lifelong heart patient who's been through 4 heart surgeries, an artificial valve, congestive heart failure, AFIB, shortness of breath, HepC (dormant until a 2010 heart surgery, of all things), 2 back surgeries, chronic pain, and fibro. It was tough—I was housebound for over 10 years. Medical marijuana changed everything. It helped my depression, manages my pain, helps my insomnia, and allowed me to live again.

Ironically, my health improved just in time for me to become a caregiver for my 77-year-old mom, who's been healthy her whole life. It's a rollercoaster, and I struggle with feeling like there's not much I can do. When it's my own battle, I can at least fight, but it's different when you're caring for someone else.

In this group, I hope to both give and receive support as we navigate our mental health journeys, learn from each other's experiences, and grow stronger together. Let's conquer our minds, one day at a time! 🧠💪

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