God, what the FUCK?!?

I like to draw, I think I’m pretty good at it. I totally get it’s a very subjective, but no matter how hard I try, or how great I think something is, all I ever get are fucking negative responses.

I would understand if it came in the form of criticism, and people elaborated on what they find so negative. But no, I simply get adjectives such as “creepy” or “ugly”, or ridiculous snide remarks and downvotes.

What pisses me off the most, is that these punk ass bitches would never say this to my face nor would they ever come close to my ability. How are people so ugly and destructive that they feel it’s ok to shit on someone’s work like a coward.

Normally it doesn’t phase me, but at the lack of hearing positive words, it builds and becomes more whether than I can bare at times.

Fuck toy for putting me down. You don’t know me, or how hard it’s been to just make it one more day.

I struggle with Mental Health daily, even on my meds I have momentary weakness, so what gives you the fucking right to be such a pussy ass bitch! Fuck YOU!
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