"What did even you do the whole day? Huh?"
" Don't you get tired of just laying in the bed?"
" We can't just sit idle like you. Idk how you do that 😆"
"Why are you so lazy? "
"Why are you not doing any job? Your father is an old man now. Don't you think about him? "
"As you are free and sit idly everytime, why don't you just be the nanny of the child and I'll pay you for that? " ( i hate to babysit)
"So how is staying at home all the day? I just can't imagine what it is like to live like you😆"
"You think so negatively. You are a pessimist."
"Sleeping queen. Ungrateful child"
"You are a financial burden to me. You are the cause of the most of the expenses in this house"
" You don't need to study further. It's enough."
"Why did God give me a daughter like you? "
(and the list goes on)

#Anxiety #Depression #coward #useless #Burden