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You Are Not A Burden #Burden

<p>You Are Not A Burden <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="Burden" href="/topic/burden/" data-id="5bdb4fd827f32700c1db0b6c" data-name="Burden" aria-label="hashtag Burden">#Burden</a> </p>
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Getting out of my own mind

I have struggled with this my whole life. Things like actions take time for me to take, sometimes I end up not taking actions at all because I am paralyzed by fear and things of that nature. Sometimes I do not truly say how I feel because growing up we are taught to keep things to ourselves. It almost felt that as a kid I understood something that kids should not. That you are a dollar sign, that you cost money. that things cost money. I have tried to push this down mentally in my mind. But it just now came to the surface, which has literally painted a fog over my whole life, it made me feel like a burden. It made me want to be so far in my head as to not be a waste, a burden to anyone else. I want to not do that anymore, I understand now the value of life and the reasoning for having a child. I understand the feelings and the love that come from birth, I understand what it means to grow as a person. For some reason, this has helped me a lot #Depresion #Burden #Selfblame

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I Don’t Want To Be A Burden…

<p>I Don’t Want To Be A Burden…</p>
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What do you do when you feel like the only person to understand and support you is your therapist? I have parents who love me but are elderly and my mom has early signs of dementia. I have three siblings who tell me mental illness is uncomfortable to talk about and that is why they don’t reply when I reach out. I separated from my husband in May, he told me the day after coming home from a ten day psych hospital stay that I wasn’t “keeping my promises” about doing better. I have seven children, three of whom are adults, two of them stopped speaking to me saying I’m faking for attention. One I’m currently staying with and she understands some yet I don’t want to be her burden. I have three close friends, one whom I cannot easily contact. The other two tend to panic or try to “fix” things, I know their intentions are good and it also isn’t helpful. Then again who wants to hear about my latest breakdown? I feel like a burden because I’m in crisis or struggling so often. I’ve spent the past two days in bed. I didn’t eat until about an hour ago and have been crying non stop for almost the same amount of time. I feel so alone. I’ve emailed my therapist twice today, twice yesterday. He allows that and understands sometimes it’s just to vent as he knows my support circle is small. How do you talk to friends and family? How do you open up to them when you are struggling, especially when to them it’s probably like “Here we go again!”! I hate mental illness! Right now I hate myself too! I hate being so needy and sensitive, so emotional! Just how many times can one person cry on someone’s shoulder before it gets old? I text the crisis text line a lot, I feel like too much. Someone else may need the time I’m taking up. Yet in those moments I truly and overwhelmed and lonely and scared and in pain. I’m always in pain. I had been hoarding pills I don’t take anymore, a backup plan if you will a plan with no specific timing. I told my therapist yesterday as I felt guilty about it, I promised to get rid of at least one bottle of pills. They’re still sitting there on my table at the end of my bed. I couldn’t get out of my bed much less leave the apartment. Now they’re taunting me. Tomorrow’s my daughter’s 15th birthday, I can’t do that to her. I ruined it last year by being on the psych floor and coming home that day. I don’t really want to die, I just don’t want to keep going like this. I don’t want to keep either feeling like a burden or struggling alone. I’m tired of hurting. I’m tired of struggling and I’m tired of feeling so alone and desperate. #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Depression #Anxiety #CPTSD #Trauma #Lonliness #nooneunderstands #emotionalpain #SuicidalThoughts #Burden #struggle #tired #CharcotMarieToothDisease #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS

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Are these groups very active, or am I to much, wishing I had others to talk to.

2nd time around and it still doesn't seem like a Support Group.

***Not looking for fakes, since I've came
back, majority of messages and
people wanting to talk have been

***So much for Support, Care, and

Don't recommend Counsoling, or do I need Counsoling, makes me so mad.

All I need is people like u who understand, care, etc


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I don't know how to describe this feeling. I feel trapped. It's so confusing and scary. I don't know what to do. I'm scared to come out to anyone, feels like a burden now.

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What the actual...

<p>What the actual...</p>
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it’s been a couple of rough weeks lately. This year was supposed to be my year of attending university, but i came across obstacles. firstly most universities couldn’t accept me because there was no space and other universities couldn’t accept me because i didn’t qualify enough for their courses. i felt so inadequate. So now i found a school for performing Arts. and Performing arts is really my passion. it’s what i want to study most in this world. The school is so expensive and i feel like such a burden to my parents. My mom said i shouldn’t worry about the cost , she’ll make a plan but it still doesn’t sit well with me because we’ve been worrying about it ever since. we’re all so scared. we’ve tried so many schools, i even offered to stay at home and find a job or volunteer at places so i can apply for a cheaper school next year. on top of that we’ve been arguing a lot lately. My dad doesn’t support me at all. i really don’t have a proper relationship with him. all we do is fight. i feel like such a burden. like i shouldn’t have been born. i really don’t know what to do. i could use some words of encouragement and hope. i’m really praying for a breakthrough 😔 #Anxiety #anxious #Worried #worry #Burden #Nohope #worthless #School #Fear #Inadequate #scared #Hope #encouragement #light #toughfewdays #depressed #Depression

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Foggy brain #Depression

So my mental health has taken a dip over the last few weeks I had a rough night where I has multiple panic attacks during the night and always after my panic attacks my mood sinks a lot! I wanted to share how I’m feeling but not brave enough to talk to friends or share on Facebook but feel safe doing it here. And I know the haters will say that we are looking for attention or glamourising mental health but we are not! There is nothing glamorous about how I’m feeling...I feel like my brain is foggy, I’m not eating properly cause I don’t feel like getting up to make anything, I only shower when I’m forced to by my wife and I’m spending my days off literally in bed al day not moving! I don’t know how to clear my ‘foggy brain’ so wondered if you lovely people had any tips! Also I feel so guilty for feeling like this, I feel like a burden, waste of space, like I’ve failed at being a wife. So no I’m not looking for attention and no its not glamorous! #foggybrain #Depression #Burden #selfloathing

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Why is it people can't except me for me??
Why do they keep shoving positivity down my throat, I'm chronically ill and in pain daily, they say u aren't ur pain or ur illness.

If I'm to negative, u may walk away, every one else has.

I'm not gonna sugar coat, usually there isn't a good day in my life.

My own mother called me a Horrible House because I fell asleep at her house one day.

I've been called a Debbie Downer and Burden.

People say well they can't experience what we go through well they can have compassion, care, love, ***NOW U ALL KNOW WHY I COME HERE SO MUCH.

I don't need counsoling.

I'm tired of people shoving God down my throat.

I'm tired of people saying, well, if u had a little bit more Faith, if u loved God a little more, etc.


U wanna come trade places

People say well hope can't lie in people, maybe God sent people to be there for me just to listen being an ear to hear, like the mighty.

I love coming here, but, not finding it very supportive.

Lord, if people can't handle my bad days which r EVERY SINGLE DAY, then I definately don't want them here on my good days, which r rare.

#no Shame
#no Support

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